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  1. Our usual hangout is the spillway at Deer Creek. Been going there for years without ever really landing a big one, 1-2 pounds top. No boat, so bank fishing is our only means. We fish from 8-midnight using doughballs, crawlers, cut shad, gills (live and dead), etc. We've also tried the channel area that feeds Deer Creek. Still notta. Doesn't really matter what kind it could be a carp for that matter, just like to start landing some fish. Turned to reading books. lol Lately been fishing the Scioto with the same luck; at least it's closer to home. :D

    We started looking at Buck Creek. Anyone have any details on it? We're from Columbus and it looks about the same distance from Columbus as Deer Creek is. I've been reading some posts in this forum about Buck Creek and haven't gotten through them all. Sounds like a larger lake than what we were thinking it was.

    Anyone have a clue the drive time to Buck Creek from the west side of Columbus? Anyone care to share a location at Buck Creek and the bait the cats/carp like to eat? Anyone care to meet up?
  2. I would recomend Buckeye lake if you are in the columbus area. I haven't been there for about 4 yrs now but we caught alot of nice Channel cats there. Buckeye lake was rated one of the top catfish lakes in your area. Still should be good this time of year. Indian lake is also great for catfish from shore but it would be much furhter for you to drive.

  3. Yep we've been thinking about Buckeye Lake as well. I've caught 10lb+ carp there which are fun as well. I'll try a post in the SE? forum to check on Buckeye Lake.
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    If you want to target just carp... I've heard downtown off of Front St (maybe - i think) has some of the best carping in the state...

    If you can get over fishing in the middle of downtown you'll probably do some good... and I've seen (pics on here) of some monster carp come out of there.
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    Most of us over here call Buck Creek "C.J." It's no more than 45 minutes from the west side of Columbus. It holds some huge Cats and Carp although I don't fish for them, spending most of my time after Walleyes. It's not unusual for a Walleye fisherman to bring up an 8 pound Channel Cat or even Carp.

    The number one expert on C.J. cats, Doctor, posts on this forum when there is something that interests him. I believe his record Cat on C.J. is around 20 pounds. I have personally seen Carp approaching 3 feet long in C.J. but I don't know anyone that fishes for them on purpose. Most of the big Cats and Carp seem to be in the shallow North end of the lake. I believe they also find some around the Marina. The Cats like cut Shad better than anything. C.J. is full of Gizzard Shad so they see a lot of them and are accustomed to the taste. Bank access to the North end is somewhat limited although you can figure it out by looking at a map on MapQuest or Google Earth or another site. Marina access is a piece of cake. That should get you started. Good Luck.

    See you out there.

  6. Thanks for all the tips guys. We'll have to look into a trip to C.J. Sounds like a nice lake.