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  1. All,

    If you, or someone you know, has land in Greene County that would be willing to allow two responsible bowhunters to have access to please PM me. I'm 43 and retired from the AF, my hunting buddy is 61 and also retired AF. We are responsible and respectful of landowners and are just looking for a place to bowhunt a couple times a week, primarily in the evenings since we both work. We will abide by the landowners rules and be happy to share any venison taken on the property.

  2. Good luck to ya - I beat down every door and talked to around 50 (seriously) landowners in greene county the last 3 years after my buddy sold his farm and got exactly 3 properties to hunt - 1 of which it appears they let way too many guys in so I avoid. It is very tough to find.

    Retired AF - have you thought about bow hunting over at the base? Some good deer around there and my guess is this is your best chance as private ground is VERY tough to gain access to.

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    i knocked on 10 doors, got 10 slips signed
  4. King - You must be much more pretty than me:)
    Seriously though, your results are not common at all unless these are folks you already know. I can knock on 5 doors and get 5 slips signed too, but they are people I know and have known - I'm referring to strictly landowners I have never met.

    The base is not a bad option - plenty of deer around there.
  5. Greene county is very tough if you don't know any landowners. Once you do know a few it just gets easier and easier though. I think the problem is most of the land is not owned by farmers anymore and therefor most are not inclined to say yes if they do not know you or have anything to gain from it. I have found it helps to have something to offer to set you apart from the rest of the pack. I am not talking about farm work either as that has never worked for me. If I am interested in a particular property to hunt, I try to get to know the owner or persons hunting the land. If they are already open to hunters then you are half way there. Scope out who is hunting and what their interests are first and tailor your approach accordingly. One thing everyone likes is better hunting for all. If they small game hunt, trapping/hunting coyotes first will more than likely get your foot in the door for expanded hunting. (Greene county is full of them) If they have livestock then asking to hunt groundhogs can also serve you well. If they only deer hunt, talk about how your food plot has been soooo successful on a different property and offer to plant one for them.(Seed is cheap) I have even stocked birds to get permission on places. Or taken them to a well scouted hunt somewhere on public land or where you already have permission. Volunteering for local wildlife projects can also get you into the right circles. I have found this approach to be very successful for me. Once you have a few spots you can leverage them to build a network of endless hunting opportunities. This is why I dislike the knock, ask, hunt approach. You end up missing so many more opportunities and end up complaining when the ONE spot you had got sold and you are left out in the cold. Plus as Fish-n-fool said it is not real successful anyways. The properties you do get will likely be as crowded or more crowded than public land. Just my two cents.
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    random farmers... start talking to them about groundhogs that you've seen and go from there.
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions and great advice.

    I do hunt on base and have for quite a few years. I've taken plenty of deer from the base and it's convenient, I was just looking for somewhere else to hunt. There are a lot of folks that view this site and I was hoping there would be a land owner out there that would consider letting me hunt on their property. I know I need to build relationships with the land owners but quite honestly I don't have much free time. I have a disabled son at home to take care of, so getting around and knocking on doors is nearly impossible. For that matter getting to hunt at all is difficult, but I do it when I can.

    Anyway, if anyone hears of anything, please let me know.
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    take a couple days off from hunting and spend them knocking on the doors :)
  9. you gotta get out there and find farmers and landowners and chat them up let em know you responsible..offer em up some work or something...if you got time to pack off and go hunting..you got time to put in to this type stuff!
  10. Little King,
    I thought I was the only one with the groundhog trick:) Coyotes I am finding work even better. I have yet to meet a landowner that wishes they had more coyotes, or groundhogs for that matter. I have even had people offer to pay me to trap or kill them. Makes it so much easier to get permission for deer hunting or small game.