looking for body in Hoover

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  1. I pulled up to the boat dock at red bank an saw the Genoa twp fire department put the boat in the water. So as they left the truck parked on the side I heard the scanner about looking for a body.
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    misfit...please respond and let us know you didn't have another mis-adventure! I will feel really bad if I am making light of a serious event. Hope they don't find a body because nothing really happened!

  3. Well I looked on the channel 4 web site. I think it was a safe that had been stolen. All I know that the fire men where running all over the place to get on a boat . The dive team showed up about 10 min later.On the scanner they where talking about a body in the water. Well i hope there is no body out there.
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    not to worry.i was just practicing my houdini act.i think i set a new record for the underwater safe escape.didn't mean to stir up such a fuss:eek: :D