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Looking for advice - Ohio River

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by wagonmaster, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. new to this area, want to fish the ohio river between Pikes Island and St. Mary's. Need an area with Good fishing, Good bank Camping and a place where kids can play in water. Hopeing to be close to the Musk. river. Anyone that can offer a location/advice would be appreciated, We also need a boat launch in this area.
  2. There are alot of good ramps all up and down the river. There are also alot of places to camp. Unfortunatly the fishing is really really really bad this year. Im not really sure of what all is around marietta as far as ramps go. Sorry I dont have much more info but welcome to the ohio valley anyway. good luck

  3. I launch at the Williamstown ramp. Nice ramp and the cops patrol the lot. There is one in Marietta, just up the Little Muskingum, but I don't like leaving my stuff there overnight. As far as camping I camp alot on the beach at Devols Dam. It is about 4 miles up the little muskingum. Be careful though it will be shallow in places when you get to the Dam. Good place for kids to play in the water also. Check out my pics, I think I have a few pics from there. Due to lack of rain there is not much flow down this way, so the dam would probably the best place, I like to sit at the mouth of the little tribs nort of Marietta on the right hand sides.