Looking for a trolling motor...

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by yonderfishin, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. ..for under 100$ . Im in Findlay , northwest ohio , so Im looking in this area...if not I will have to have it shipped. I need about 30 lbs thrust. Also I need an ice auger.
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    I just saw one on craigslist.com that was still new in the box for $100. I think it was a 36lb.
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    Some guy in reynoldsburg has a bunch of them on craigslist columbus under boats
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  6. Found a minn kota 30 lb thrust at wal mart for 99$ , if I dont see any used ones for 75$ or less (total cost) I may as well put a few dollars more and get the new one. Im waiting on a check to arrive in the mail so its giving me time to look.
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    I have an older minkota transom mount, pushed my 15' starcraft with a 9.9: I traded up for a bow mount. Unsure about the value $30-40, will throw in a 6" ice auger for $50. Would even entertain any full or partial trades, I'm located in Arlington, but coach football at Liberty Benton so we could easily get together. Let me know if your interested...

  8. Do you know the thrust on the motor? As far as I know, most minn kota's even the older ones have a nut and bolt on bottom of the control housing that let you turn it around and mount it on either transom or bow , you may not have needed to get another one. When I fish alone I mount the motor in front for better control so if it dosent have this ability I may not be interested in the motor. Im looking into some augers in the 20$ range right now but I may be interested in the auger as well.
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    This trolling motor is in great shape. It attaches to your boats bow and has the "scissor" action, so it lies flat when out of the water. It has 5spd. fwrd and 2 in rev. with a 42 in. shaft. It also comes with a "quick stick"(removable) which is basically an extended handle, so one can steer and not be right on the motor handle. $65
  10. I got the one from wal mart for 99.00 but thanks to everybody who replied to my post. Since I wanted atleast 30 lbs thrust and all the offers were either less thrust than that or the asking price was so close to what I paid for new, I figured I would be further ahead to pay the 99 and get a warraty.

    I am however still looking for an ice auger in the Findlay area.