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  1. I have been making an annual trip to the Erie tribs of PA for about seven years now. I know and enjoy the water there, but I'm liking the crowds, the long drive (I live south of Dayton), and declining quality of fish less with each passing year. I want to learn to fish for steelies in Ohio. I've fish Conn some, but it's much different than PA. First, there's so much more water. Second, where's a fellow to go. I've read the materials on Ohio DNR, but that information is very high level. For instance, Wakeman Dam on the Vermillion is the closest steelhead location to me (3.5 hr drive). Is it worth the trip? Is there bank access? In short, I'm looking for someone who knows the area to fish with. I don't won't folks to betray honey holes or anything like that, but it would be nice to know some decent places to try, where some good bait shops are, or where I could get a fish cleaned and smoked. Lend a brother a hand?

  2. Watch the flow rates. I mostly fish the vermilion and it can be some great fishing. But it gets muddy really easily and takes a while to get back to fishable. Flow needs to be alot slower also. I do best in there when its below 200cfs. Also I like to fish it closer to the mouth. There are some nice access points off of Vermilion road north of mill hollow/bacon woods. There is a bait store in vermilion up by the marinas. Not sure of hours or name but the guy operates it out of his garage so he's always been there whenever I have tried. The eastern tribs are better than the vermilion IMO but good days can be had on the V. Just have to be there at the right time.

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    It all depends when you are planning to make the trip. Just about all of the big rivers up here are blown right now from what I hear. Im sure if you post some specifics someone (including myself) can steer you in the right direction.
    Wakeman dam has shore access but it is a steep climb down and parking is kinda sketchy. The V is my favorite river but we have to be flexible with where we fish. (Vermillion muds up bad).
    There are some members meeting to fish Rocky tribs this weekend. Check the fly fishing forum and Pm them for directions... Hope this helps
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    Hey spencer I fish out east in the conn and other rivers I am pretty familiar with the all the rivers and can show you access points. A couple of rivers out east right now are fishing with good numbers. I landed 5 sunday morning. So if you want to head out that way hit me up with a pm.
  5. I really appreciate the warm response. I believe I'll try to meet up with some folks on the Rocky Saturday then try and follow up on the connections I've made after that.