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Looking for a Niagara guide

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by archman, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Anyone know the name of a good guide or website on the Niagara for Kings this Sept/Oct?
  2. I just did a search on niagara fishing guides and came up with a bunch!Give it a try.Daryl

  3. I was just at Niagara Falls over the weekend, pretty awsome site but all I could do was think about fishing up there.
  4. I've looked online, but I was hoping to get someone that one of you guys have used before and knows is good. They ALL sound good online :)
  5. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    Both steelhauler(Wes )and froggy have been with guides there.

    Send them a PM if they don't see this.

  6. Cap't Vince has got to be one of the best up there. He's been in the gorge and on Lake Ontario for 20 years. He will put you on the fish. I have some pics in my album...check 'em out. If the lake is to rough, toll for muskie in the river....there are some monsters in there. Have fun and tell 'em Don sent ya.

    716-778-7563 Thrill seekers Charters

    Oh yeah, don't forget your camera, you'll have a blast
  7. Vince is the man!!! Give him a call!!! Here is the steelie I caught I fishing with him....

  8. Hey Jason,
    Nice to see ya here and thanks for hookin' me up with Cap't Vinnie....even though trips to the gorge are becoming a bad habit :D. How far from Captiva are you? Me and the GF will be down on 7-9 thru the 18th.
  9. Frog,

    I'm going to miss the gorge trips but I think the tarpon down here will be able to make up for it!!!!

    I'm about 250 miles from Captiva
  10. Stinky, thanks for the help. I'll email this guy and see what Wes has to say, too.