looking for a new rod n reel

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by RiverRunner88, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. hey guys looking for a new spinning set up for channels..i've been looking at the ugly stiks what do you guys think of these?..something perferably under 60 bucks

  2. misfit

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    if you're looking for a combo,check the cabelas king kat deals.
    baitfeeder reel and rod for about 65 bucks.the 40 or 45 size reel with 7 - 8 foot rod should do the trick.there are lots of options,but in your price range,that should be a decent setup,and IMO the baitfeeder type reels are a better choice than standard spinning fare.

  3. thanks misfit im lookin at em right now!
  4. neocats1

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    OOOH! A chance to plug Okuma. The Okuma Fin Chaser combo's are perfect for channel catfish. I made another guy this same promise: Try one, if you don't like it. I'll buy it back from you. Run you right around $40.
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    I couldnt agree more... Okuma has come a long way in bringing up-to-date spinning tackle... I know the bait shop at CJ Brown carries a wide selection of Okuma spinning reels and combos and I myself have been looking at them, upside to them is they include the "all important" baitrunner feature... even on the smaller models they have it... keep feature when fishing for cats