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  1. I'm in the market for a kayak and was looking for the Pelican Getaway 100. I saw it on Dunham's and Dick's websites, but don't feel like paying $129.99 for shipping. Dunhams, Dicks, and Gander said they do not special order kayaks. Anybody know where I can find this at or have another yak they would recommend?
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    The Gander Mt. in Huber Heights (north Dayton) had them in stock and outside about a month or so ago. Call around to any in your area and you may have some luck.
    I ended up searching online and checking local kayak dealers. I was able to buy a SOT Liquid Logic (now Native) for a little more than those at Gander. I feel it was more durable and of better quality. Tried it Wed. for the first time in a local pond. I loved it. I can't wait to hit the streams.
    Also, search ebay - most will be from the coasts, but you may find something with some luck.

    Good luck.