Looking for a good way to kick off the holiday weekend??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dKilla, May 25, 2007.

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    Last months turnout spoke volumes about what Ohio DnB heads are looking for. You showed up in force and I've been assured that a good time was had by all. With that in mind we started thinking, "Why mess with success?"
    I have a super mellow, chill-mode, summertime DnB set planned to open the night up. I'll be keeping the volume at a reasonable level so people can chat and get their martini on while enjoying the smooth vibes.

    Stick around and check out a wikid tag team performance from Dr. Spilkus and myself. Last time around @ Massive he and I took it to a new level and the dancefloor was definitely feelin the liquid sounds.

    Bringing it all full circle, Random Movement will be closing it out with his blends of sick twisted self programmed DnB for your earhole.

    Random Movement
    Dr. Spilkus

    No cover
    5.25.06 10PM-Close
  2. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    good luck dan

  3. Thanks Mitch...we've been doing this on the last Friday of the month for about 4 months now. The turnouts have been steadily improving and we've had some very successful nights. TBH I'm a little concerned about tonight as theres another big DJ event going on across town, not to mention the fact that tons of people are headed up to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival this weekend.

    Anyways...it's a great venue and a very down to earth crowd. It'd be cool to see some OGF members in the building.
  4. NewbreedFishing

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    it sounds really nice...i actually need to try something like that.
    the same old same old over here so i am ready for something different.
    electronic music would be a welcomed changed to what my ears are used to.
    could bring by some ladies out and say hello and look important.

    thnx for the heads up
  5. seethe303

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    good luck with this. might stop by!

    I think its funny/cool to see the message board cross modulations going on here as well.
  6. Yea...it is kinda interesting.

    Columbus Underground meets Ohio Game Fishing....imagine the possibilities!!

    If your interested in hearing some of the tunes that I will be playing tonight....here's a link to one of my recent radio show archives from 5.6.07...summertime DnB at it's best, enjoy!

    Tracklist (Artist/Title/Label):

    Greely & Lomax - Can't Wait 4 You - Fokus
    Cyantific - Can't Let Go - Hospital
    Apex ft. Ayah - Sapce Between Us - Hospital
    EZ Rollers - Submission (Tommy Knocker Remix) - Moving Shadow
    Unit Zero - Two Spirits - Fokuz
    Roni Size - Strictly Social (NuTone Remix) - Liquid V
    Contour - Somatic - Media
    Electrosoul System - On The Beach - Fokuz
    Jenna G - I'm in Love - Bingo
    EZ Rollers - Tough at the Top (EZ Rollers Remix) - Moving Shadow
    High Contrast - Magic - Hospital
    High Contrast - Make it Tonite - Hospital
    Danny Byrd vs. Tomahawk - Control Freak - Spearhead
    Ben Sage - All About You VIP - Gain

    DL: http://www.musicv2.com/download_cue.php?id=31858
    Stream: http://www.mv2media4.com/process_stream.php?id=31858
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    can only hear the stream here at work dan.
  8. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    it's making me dizzy....i can only imagine the drinking and lights spinning :D around.
  9. LOL....I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not?
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    Yeah very cool!! If I didn't have plans tonight, I'd for sure check it out. Definitely post the details next time man. My kinda stuff!

    Knock em out tonight man.
  11. I'll definitely give more notice on the next one. I didnt realize there would be so much interest on here. It's good to know!

    I hope some of you are able to make it. Should be a good time!