Looking for a good reel....

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by dodgeboy75, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. for pike/musky. I have only been fishing for pike this year and have been using an Ambassadeur with 30# spiderwire. I am not a big fan of the round reels and wanted to know what is a good low profile baitcaster to use. I did pickup a cheapy walmart to try but the heavier baits just tore up the bearings. Thanks for any info!!
  2. Interesting why dont you like the round reels? The 6500 is a good reel and built to handle the bigger baits which im sure you know. Only thing i can think of is ya cant beat a man at his own job hope ya find a heavyduty lowprofile im sure its out there.

  3. Shimano Curado 300dsv. Expensive, but has just about everything you're looking for...low profile design, huge line capacity, and powerful drag.
  4. I don't mind trolling with it, but if I am going to be casting all day I need something more comfortable like a bass reel.
  5. You might look at the Quantum 1430/1431 MG Classic or the Quantum Cabo PT low profile reel. Both are the same frame; definately a hybrid between low profile and round reels. I have a Classic and love the reel; surprisingly smooth and has lasted a couple years. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do, but it has been fantastic. The Cabo has more bells and whistles, but also costs more. I got my Classic at Gander Mountain two years ago for $50 (on clearance); Rollies and Helens had them for 80-90$ last I checked. Cabelas sells a version of them too; I think they are around 60$ on sale right now. Good Luck,
    PS: The Classic/Cabelas reels come in a smaller spool version as well, too small for muskies (IMO). I would like to try a Curado 300 some day.