Looking for a fishing buddy.

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  1. I am looking for somebody to fish the rivers with. I don't know a lot about the little rivers but I have fished the GMR a decent amount. I don't have a boat and would just be looking to shore fish or wade out. Drop me a pm if anybody is interested. I am in the Dayton area.
  2. What parts do you normally like to hit? What species do you target?

    I have been trying to learn the GMR a bit myself but don't like going out alone at night if I can avoid it.

    Over the past 2 seasons, I have hit alot of spots between West Carrolton and Middletown. There are some spots near downtown and north of town that look fishy, but I'm not sure where the safe spots to park are.

    Maybe we can hook up one of these days. I really don't have a preference of species. Generally, I just go through the tackle box and toss a little bit of everything, tryingg to learn what might work. If I go out at night (rare), I use live bait for the cats.

  3. If you guys still looking for a person to fish with, let me know and I can show you some safe spots with some decent fishing. Regardless of species. I know the river from Dayton to Middletown and do well.