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  1. Interested in finding a secluded spot, possibly something where you can take a canoe down a river pull to shore camp for the night and keep going. it would be a dream come true to find something like this

    any help would be great...

    also im near Cleveland but would be willing to drive.

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    Good weekday vacation day trip:

    Green River in Mammoth Cave National Park, it's awsome. Very few people on the river in late Summer, don't need a fishing license in the National Forest there. Expect good smallmouth fishing if you go, this is when I did it and it was amazing and the adverage size was a good 15." There are a few liverys on the river that even offer over night packages as well.

    My favorite part was it was a good 100 degrees out, and occasionally we could come long caves where water was entering the river, the air and water must of been 60 degrees there. Really want to make it down there again but I'll try it in the fall if I do.

  3. Allegheny river in NW Pennsylvania!!!
    You can put in at the headwaters near warren and canoe all the way to Pittsburgh if you want. I have canoed several sections of it. Great fishing,walleye, muskie, giant smallies. and many islands and other places to camp. It is awesome!!! If you go, you will love it.
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    Try the Tusc River below Gnadenhutten.
    I think sauguy is a member of a canoe club down that way and does some canoeing. Send him a PM or send one to the other Tucs River guys down that way. They could probably help you.