Looking for A buddy for an Ohio River Catfish trip

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  1. I am looking for someone that is going fishing on the Ohio River to meet up with. I have only had one time on the Ohio and it turned into a Gar Fest. I would be looking for someone that knows the river. I will probably not have my boat by then and in fact was a bit to small for the River any ways. I have fished many of the states lakes for Cats before and have had time at paylakes so Bigger fish are not a problem. I am currently in Highland County So a trip probably between Meldahl and Greenup is what I am Looking for.
  2. Check out www.catfish1.com Lots of nice folks on there that love to catfish!!!


  3. 1sick1

    1sick1 One more cast ?

    Gar fest ?!?!?! I love catching gar !! Sorry, not going to Ohio river this weekend....you can find me on the Muskingum catching gar though. LOL

    Hope you find what you're looking for!