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Hi Guys; I'm going to northern Michigan in September. Specifficly Traverse City where I have booked a motel. I have made this salmon trip 8X before, but not in the last 6 yrs. My plan is to fish the Betsie River at the Homestead Dam for the Salmon. There is also a nice pier in Frankfort that I have had good luck at before the major run, if the fish aren't up to the dam yet. I tried to book a place closer to Benzonia 2 months ago, with no luck. It's a twenty minute drive from Traverse City to the river.

I'm going up Sunday Sept. 22 and coming back Friday Sept 27. I am looking for someone that is already planning to go up that week. I want to have company while fishing. I am a senior (67), I don't smoke or drink heavily. I would be willing to share my trip depending on whether a two bed room was available.

If this sounds interesting to you or someone you know contact me at my email which is [email protected]. Give me your phone # and I'll get in touch.

(you can get an idea of what the fishing is like on a good day at the Homestead Dam on Youtube Salmon fishing Betsie River)
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