lookin for launchers

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  1. i am lookin for a few launchers. They can be ordered from cabellas but i wanted them for this weekend anyone got a spot around cincinnati i could pick up a few?
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    I heard Bass Pro has them, I have not been out there in ages though, I had a guy in the shop buing flies for them for the hybrids on the Ohio. Worth a phone call anyway, Maybe Dicks, Call around to different ones some are better stocked than others. Lake Isabella Bait shop may have them as well. Pay lakes Like Remington, Julian or Cozy Dale would be another shot. S

  3. E-man,
    You can take a Billy Bob weighted bobber, 5", a 6" wire leader 30#, 1 to 3oz pyramid weight, electric tape, and do it yourself.
    I get my Billy Bob's from Bass Pro, take the clip off the end of the leader, and use pliers to take the yellow tip off the line tube in the bobber, and thread end of leader down tube from top (cupped end) of bobber down, now replace clip.
    Clip your weight on the bottom end of leader/bobber, and pull leader and clip back up into slot on bobber so it is seated nice and tight. I clip the line tube by an inch or so so only 1/2 inch is left showing above bobber.
    Tape your weight to bobber body, I've used black, then yellow, currently going to use white electric tape since wipers seem to be hitting white a lot here lately.
    I need to take a photo sequence of this, it's easy, cheaper, and can be done in the field in a pinch.