Lookin for a Fish Fry

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  1. Guess I'll have to actually drill some holes and drop a line in order to catch some gills for a fish fry. I've been ice fishing over a handful of times sofar this season, but only had 2 good days..both at Nimiisila last Sunday & Monday.

    Giving it strong consideration to hitting Nimi this afternoon or Rex or North.

    Let's hope my ice fishing luck turns positive... (With the Vex I just purchased from Mrphish42, I hope to hone in on my skills and icing prowess). Thanks again Jon for the FL-8).
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    The vex is a whole new world. My Ice 35 comes Monday. I was just in Cadillac MI two weeks ago with a buddy who uses a vex FL20. WOW!!! I hate to part with the cash but it is worth every nickel!!! I'm off to the boat show today, but I'd like to meet up one Saturday morning and go to the icebucket John fishing academy. good luck!

  3. The Vex is an awesome tool and will greatly improve your catch rates. When we goin fishin? I figure I should be able to walk OK by the middle of next week. NO LIFTING though....
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    Look out fish......John has his "vex" and will become the neighborhood "TERROR".......HEHEHE....You gotta love it ( the kid in the candy store syndrome)......Well "buddy" use it in the best of health and watch your knowledge level soar......KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.....We'll be out on the ice together very soon .........jON sR.............
  5. Big Daddy....Was just thinking about you this morning...Came on and the second Post there you were...Glad to see you back...No lifting and do what the Doc said...Welcome home Big Guy.....Jim...:) :)