Longwall Early tomorrow

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by bassman56, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I will be heading up to the longwall tomorrow around 7. I will be wearing a guideseries vest and an orange hoodie. Say hi if u see me. I will post the results when i come back!
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    i will be heading up there around the same time....was there tonight....had 5 on...only landed 1 tho....hope the weather holds out

  3. How was the water today?
  4. For my Son

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    I went out this morning with the boys and didnt even get a bite. Didnt see anyone catch one either.
  5. I was gonna go but i turned around when i saw the waves comin over the rocks.
  6. Bassman, did you happen to see how stirred up the water was?
  7. The water was fine on the short wall I went 1 for 2 I will post pic later, the shoet wall was going good. I seen 6 caught and about 5 get off.The ? spoons were on fire.
  8. I was out there early this morning and stayed about 30 minutes. It was pretty muddy still.
  9. How were the waves Archman?
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    4-6 ft waves when I was up there earlier today. Looked rough, but people said they were catching them there.
  11. Findiesel is right, the waves were pretty big. They were crashing over the rocks. I didn't stay long and didn't see anything caught. I personally thought the water was a little stained out at the long wall. It might have been better on the short wall.
  12. I was gonna go out there tomorrow but now it looks like i will be going to the Conneaut.