Longest Eye Ever!

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  1. Saturday forecast was perfect so my wife and I decided it was finally a good chance to take her 79 year old parents out for a day of perching.

    We left Vermilion and headed East to the 1st pack of boats in front of the condos. Spent about an hour there with only a 5 lb catfish to show for it. The good news was it was my 79 year old mother in law that had boated the biggest fish of her life. I can tell you she was way more excited about it than i was.

    The lake was dead flat so we decided to run to Lorain where we had done very well on Wednesday evening. We set the anchor and i did my duty for the next 3 hours baiting, unhooking, untangling and boxing up a nice cooler of about fifty 8-10 inch perch.

    It was getting pretty hot about 1:30 and I could see it was taking a bit of a toll on my senior crew. I suggested we call it a day on perching and start trolling our way back. The crew agreed, so they reeled in and I packed up the gear. I knew I would be handling the set up so I just pulled out 4 rods with boards and a handfull of cranks. I did not even have the 2nd rod in when we hooked up with a giant sheep. I got rid of him and started over. Finally got all 4 rods in and 5 minutes later the same rod that had grabbed the sheep went off. Pam, the boss, grabbed the rod and the board went under. She was really struggling so I suggested she take the wheel and I sat my Father In Law down and handed him the rod. Slow and steady with no pumping was all I kept telling him. After 10 minutes this 33 inch, 10.56 pound super model was in the net. It was his 1st walleye ever! I suggested he take up golf now cause it doesn't get any better.

    It was a day I know I'll never forget.

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  2. Awesome Job. Definately a day to remember. :T

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    nice fairytale, everybody should be so lucky to bring that much pleasure to some elderly person. sounds like a great great day and i wish you many more.
  4. Great job, that's a heck of a story.

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    Great! Did you get anymore eyes?
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    Awesoem post and great story....ya a 33"...i dont see him beating that one any time soon lol if he does then I want in on your boat trolling! lol
  9. You definitely earned some good Karma for that!!!
  10. That was the only eye of the day. I immediately cleared the gear so we could get her to a scale since I could not believe the tape said 33" and the scale only said 10 pounds. I figured she had to go close to 13 since the tape did not lie.
  11. That is A great story and A awsome Pic!
  12. Stinks he couldn't have got her in the fall. She'd be a football! Thats for sure. But hey! Thats a nice Walleye! Good for him
  13. Any colorful comments from the happy angler. Sometimes they say things they normally would not say. LOL
  14. Jim,

    I can't remember anything Ralph said, but I know I used some words that my M-I-L had never heard from my mouth before. Ralph had heard them all since we hunt together.

    I know I was shaking and think I may have even dropped the "F" bomb when when I saw the crank fall out of her mouth in the net!

  15. LOL YEA !!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT !!! love it. btw way to go.
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    wow what a story.and what a rare fish....congrats! someday i'll get a 33'' i hope.is it going on the wall?
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    That is a great story - thanks for sharing it.
  18. WTG There buddy. That is a awesome story. With the spring and partial summer you had with boat problems No one deserves it more and your a pretty nice guy. lol. When you sent me the pic i looked at Nicholas and said I think Chris just caught the state record how awesome would that be. Freakin super models lol. Congrats again. BD
  19. Great job Chris. I thought the same thing as Gary when i saw the pic you sent on the phone I couldn't believe it was only 10#. How many perch are you feeding her a day in the tank ? She should be pretty fat by oct. 8. LOL. Good fish again, Scott.
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    Very nice fish! You don't see to many 33'ers out of ol Erie. A prize catch without a doubt to bad she's been on weight watchers for the past 6 months :p you would have had yourself a real horse on you hands.