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  1. i'm starting 2 shoot a blackhawk "scorpion" longbow any tips will help
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  3. I'm not familiar with that bow,But we will be shooting indoors this winter starting Dec.2nd we aren't far from warren the Indoor range is in Middlefield let me know If your Interested that goes for anyone who would like to get some practice this winter. Mike
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    longbow or recurve? not that it really matters, neither have a let off. i used to shoot a recurve instinctivly in my much younger days. all i really remember was when on target release, dont try to be too precise. aim for the apple, not the core. pratice, pratice, pratice...
  5. Work out, lift weights, etc. The stronger you are, the more you can pull(more is better in my opinion), and the longer you can hold it to aim. I see that independent fellow on the Outdoor channel(Tred Barta?) who shoots only longbow and makes his own cedar arrows and points and he doesn't hold it too long. Maybe neither did the Indians but I never saw them shoot cept in movies! Now if they'd had crossbows, we might still be trying to take their lands..........