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    10/18 evening i had my first shot at taking my first traditional deer. Everything was perfect No wind , 15 yds. , Stand location was in a pine tree on a field edge in some thick stuff..No way to be seen .(with out movement) Heard the doe coming in from my backside. Seemed like for ever before she entered the field. Had plenty of time to perpare for a shot. Kept running everything thought my head ,shot location , when to shoot , ( if i was) got in position,And most importantly shoot LOW, shoot low, shoot lower than normal. I got a pretty tight group when target shooting .I'm not spliting arrows but I'm in a 2 inch range. WELL even though i had tons of time to think about this shot i still aimed for the bulls eye . End of story. I watched my perfectly THOUGHT OUT shot sail over the deer just grazing her back. If this was my target back home it would have been dead, Still can't believe I DIDN"T shoot low.:mad:
  2. It sounds like you missed the "instinctive" part of instinctive shooting. Not that I am an expert on it by anymeans, but the only thing that runs through my head before taking the shot is focusing on that one hair that I am trying to split. It is tougher focusing on an animal than a bullseye, but you have to block everything out but the center of the kill zone. Good luck!

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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I hear ya oucat. My arrow want right to where i had it pionted . I'll mark this one up as a learning curve. I'm just glad the doe did not get injured to the piont of concern on my behalf.My problem was aiming at hair When i should have been aiming at AIR. Just got off my roof taking a few shots and found out how much lower i do need to shoot. Should have done this first . Yes i took a warm up shot from my stand also .Traditional Your kill zone is aming below the deer when shooting from a stand. Thats the part i forgot. At least from my stand. GOOD LUCK to you also . I will have a positive report soon
  4. Yeah that makes sense, I have never hunted from a treestand will traditional equipment.