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    Went past there today and saw quite a few guys there, maybe 20+. How thick is the ice and were any of you doing any good? Just bluegills, or were you pulling anything else up too? Don't know the lake or what's in it.
    What is an easy way of getting there from Canton? Came and went from the 277 direction. There has to be an easier way to get there from my place...
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    they were riding quads on it last weelend. try rt 77 to rt 224.its a good bass lake.

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    Nobody? I figured at least of couple of people there were OGF'ers....
    Sorry bout that FreyedKnot, I wrote this an hour or two ago and for got to submit it, I came in and saw that and sent it thru and then saw that you had wrote one....ooops....
  4. stop by T's long lake bait and tackle off of portage lakes drive there and he will point you in a good direction. I was in there today and he said they were getting some nice gills and some crappie. Its a pretty good bass lake and sometimes you can get some nice perch. Apparently they opened the dam up at the end of the lake and it busted up the sides. If you go out there watch your first few steps.
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    Mousejam, can you tell me what is the main street thru or along Long Lake? I can't even get it on Mapquest. I was only there today, and really didn't know the area, so I'm about completely lost. Or a link to a map of the area.... Do you have an address for T's?
  6. Portage lakes drive is the road that goes through most of the lakes there. it goes by long and north res. and then on down to east and west res. This map might be helpfull http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/Home/Fis...rtageLakesFishingMap/tabid/19547/Default.aspx and T's is pretty much accross the street from district 3. 912 Portage Lakes Dr, Akron, OH 44319 its on the corner of apple and portage lakes dr. try google maps. there is another bait shop called mandas on that road too.
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    Thanks.....a little small and hard to read, but I'll get by.
  8. see if this works

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    Better yet, my neighbor brought me over the same map.....thanks!