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  1. Coekrych

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    How much ice is on the portage lakes gotta get out soon or im gonna go nuts
  2. Long Lake is pretty much open for business. There was a patch of ice in the SE corner but the wind and waves were chewin on it pretty good Sunday.

    Water is still very cold (35-37) and muddy.

  3. i drove by the lakes today...north is still covered except off of state mill by the spillway thats open. long is open in areas. but there is still ice around T's but commin off the channels on the west side of the lake its open. over by burch's landing still has ice on it and by the clock tower across from bialeys restuarant is open.
  4. Coekrych

    Coekrych Badass

    anything on mud lake and all those
  5. still some on all the lakes should all be gone after tomorrow id bet
  6. Went by Long Lake today, both North and South ends looks to be all open now.
  7. north res. is open now. i seen it tonight. over by burch's landing is still iced over.
  8. Robert Woodson

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    The water is opening up.
    Here is a report as of this afternoon on the Portage Lakes.

    Long Lake is clear...ramp open on Cove Street...the boat goes out one way or the other this weekend. North end of North, West and East reservoirs are still in ice. Water is clear at the 619 overpass...The ramps at Old State park are still socked in.

    Hope to see some of you out there soon...Looks like I'll be hunting Fish Eggs this Easter. Take it slow...who knows what is in the water, or just beneath the surface. Things have a tendency to move around when we aren't looking.
    Good fishing,
    Woody in Akron
    Portage Lakes/Coventry