Long Lake In Ontario

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  1. Has anyone here fished this lake? If so tell us about your experience. We're thinking about going there in a few weeks.
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    I think I have. Is it near Pointe Au Baril? You can call Springhaven Lodge in Pointe Au Baril and ask for Garry Scale. He's the owner. Tell him Raleigh (Dock Time) gave you his name and #. He'll give you the goods on any lake between Torono and Sudbury, His website is www.springhavenlodge.com


  3. Never fished Long Lake, but I did fish Round Lake and I always used to go to Golden Lake with the family. There is a place there called McMillans Cabins that is really great, lots of great people, and it is a great place for your family. Water is just as the name describes, golden. They just ended a five-year moratorium on Walleye fishing and my dad said it was pretty good this past year. Real nice sized perch and pike too, shiners work best for the perch, if you can find em. Shoot me a PM if you want info!