Long Lake ice tourney

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  1. Saturday Feb 7, 2009, ICE TOURNAMENT SPONSORED BY T's LONG LAKE BAIT AND TACKLE. 855 Portage Lakes Drive Akron, OH 44319

    Starts at 6:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm.
    entry fee is $10 a person.

    individual prizes (based on 20 entries)
    1st. $100 and a trophy.
    2nd $50 and a trophy.
    3rd $25 and a trophy.
    Biggest fish $25 and a trophy.

    all fisherman will leave from the bait shop. all fish are 6"or bigger. LONG LAKE ONLY. 12 fish per person. 2 rods a person.

    Immediately after the tourney will be a 9 hole tourney. stop in the shop and ask details about it.
  2. that sounds like fun

  3. I've fished several of T's ice tournaments. They are a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure I'm heading to Presque that day, but if not, I may get in... we'll see.
  4. So do they measure your biggest 12? Is there somewhere to check out the entire rules form? I'd be interested but its a long drive for me to get there without knowing what I'm getting into. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  5. What was the winner catches?
  6. You pick your biggest 12 PRIOR to heading to the scale. Saves a lot of time.
  7. how many people usually end up fishing the tourney? and what is the 9 hole tourney all about? also is it what species are you allowed to wiegh in and what species are in the lake i have never fished there before. thanks in andvance.
  8. Its a pan fish tournament. He has some flyers if you stop in. The lake has a good amount of nice bluegill and crappie and perch. The nine hole thing sounds neat. He is going to drill 9 holes at different places around the lake. and everyone who is in it gets 5 min to fish each hole. Once everyone has gone through the person with the most fish in the bucket is the winner.
  9. the rules i posted at the beginning is pretty much all the rules. his tournaments are pretty fun. he must've changed his mind cuz he was talkin about having a night and a day tourney he usually does that every year. the amount of people varies. i dont know how many hes got so far but i can keep check'n for ya and posting it.
  10. Me and a buddy will be there unless we have to work. We'll be there. LOL.

  11. I think I'm going to make it up there Big Kev. The steelhead fishing has been a waste through the ice on the V so I think I'll over for the tournament. My buddy and I fished one of his tourneys two years ago.
  12. EJH


    Are you sure about that 6 am start time? That's pretty early!
  13. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    man i will miss this one i placed 3rd 1st and 1st in the morning tourny 3 years in a row guess i will let someone else win the money lol
  14. I was in the bait shop today. T about has me talked into being in it. It should be a nice day if the rain holds off till the afternoon.
  15. ya i got the flyer here it says 6 am. to 12pm.
  16. do we have to pre register? how much is the 9 hole tourney? I tried to call there but the phone is disconnected, any help would be great. thanks
  17. Lou K.
    If you see me there make sure you say "hello". Would be nice to put a face with the name. I've been down to the V a few times and only boxed one little fish. Pretty tough. Seeing a lot of fish on the vexi but not many interested. See ya saturday.

  18. Good luck Kev. I had to change plans as I have to work our girls soccer registration this Saturday morning and won't be able to run to South Akron for the tourney. Please post how you do. I'll catch you at the V soon or else on the big water. Good luck.
  19. i dunno how much the 9 hole is. sorry. you dont have to pre register. just show up before 6. hope to see a bunch of you guys out there.
  20. How did the tourney go?