Long Lake 7/9-Mr Whiskers

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    Had the chance to get out for 3 hours in the yak...as usual saw very little shad bubbling on the surface, so I left the cast net in the trunk. Took chicken liver out and managed 5 bullheads...They would not quit swallowing the hook. Thought about keeping them to use as flathead bait this weekend, but have no way of keeping them alive? All of them gave the hook back, but one...cut it close to the eye and let him swim off!

    Are bullheads good as cut bait?

    I hope the spawn is over soon and the channels start getting back into the swing of things!?!?
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    I remember a few years ago we went to a local pond.
    My cousin loved to eat bullheads and they actually tasted pretty good. When we ran out of bait we used the parts we did not cook on the bullheads and caught some pretty big channels.

    BTW I am sure you could have strapped a bullhead to the roof of your car and drove home(not suggesting that) and found something to put them in for the weekend. They stay out of water for a long time.

  3. Put them in a 5 gallon bucket (or something bigger) as long as it is only a few of them they will stay alive for a long time. Keep changing the water.
  4. Drop a frozen 2 liter soda bottle in the 5 gallon bucket and they will last even longer.