long lake 4-10

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  1. went to long this am. stopped in at Ts Long Lake Bait and Tackle and talked to T. man that guy knows his crappie fishin. he sent me to a couple honey holes. caught about 50 crappie, smallest being 7in. largest being 14in. kept about 15 for dinner. man his info produced. if your ever are gonna fish any of the portage lakes make sure you stop in and talk to that guy he knows whats goin on. plus he has the best deals on bait in the whole PL region. good fishin 2 everyone.
  2. T has always taken good care of me, too. Glad to hear you got into 'em today, dude. We're gonna have to get out together again soon...maybe hit some of those honey holes that T told you 'bout. Peace.

  3. Am planning to go to Long Lake crappiefishing on 4/11. Will have to stop in to see him. How can I get to T's
  4. Way to go. Where are the pics? Arley must be upset.
  5. ya T is the man when it comes to crappie no doubt. lindy, arlie was out at some of his secret honey holes. that old dude can put fish in the boat thats no doubt. you can get to T's on portage lakes drive across from the divison of wildlife office. its right across the street from the big parking lot about a block down the road from mandas. Merk. we def need to go out there and hook it up. T said they are gettin some perch out there too. sorry no pics guys my phone dont have a camera on it and my old lady would kill me if i took the camera out there on the boat with the chance of rain hahahaa.
  6. I did make it out with my dad. Was out in an alumacraft 17' We bought some minnows at T's. Hit the lake at 2:30 About 5:30 dad was cold from the rain so we pulled out and headed home. With the boat dry and in the garage, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Should have stayed out!! No crappie as the weather was rough. Will probably be next week before we get out again. Had some small issues with the boat that the dealer needs to take care of.

    Hope you did well. I remember when T's use to be on the south side of that lot 30 years ago. I will catch you on the lake some time. Take care, and thanks for the info!!
  7. Always enjoyed stopping in and getting the info on where the fish are located. He knows that lake very well. Put me on a some large crappie one year by giving me precise details on location and bait.