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Started out at the low dam down by Caroline bells. Targetted some low dams on advice for getting my first saug fish. (Thanks again guys) Fished it for 2 or so hours with little to show. 1 gill 1 mid-air spit bait from what looked like either a rock bass or crappie. Just seen black spots against silver background but too blurry to tell. Did see a guy catch the neatest channel I've ever seen on a live minnow. This thing looked almost all black with like dark silver/bluish spots. A little dink smb and decided to move on.

Moved up to the dam in downtown by the construction. Probably shouldn't have been there but, no one around to stop me so hey. I'm good at playing the dummy card.

Anywho, must've found the 12" smb clubhouse. Getting em left and right in the same spot every time. Thinking back I should've stayed a little longer as it was the best hole of the day. Only stayed there about an hour. Left there and went to the mad to try for some river chubs for bait to add to what i had left over from friday but couldn't find them.

Did manage a few other species. Got a 11" smb on first cast. Moved around to another spot thats got a couple big ole rocks with a foot wide hole between right next to some medium strong current. Cast just past current seam and back through the hole towards bank and bam. Fish took off but I got him back between the boulders. As I pulled him through the approx 2' long hole I see an even bigger rock bass strike the lure with the other still on.

I have NEVER felt that much struggle on the end of my line before. And these two were just 3 or 4 feet away from me the whole time. Fighting them and the bigger one breaks(I know, fisherman's tale cliche) off but got the other in at a little short of 9". So mad, I just knew that had to be a FO RB. Threw my second cast praying Id get lucky and bam, apparently he had a grudge. Bit, took off for current and got off on a jump.

Now I'm kicking myself in the arse even harder. A few bleeps later I cast again through the same hole and a dink smallie bites and tosses off. Bleep bleep bleep! Thinking hard on why I SUCK, I have the brilliant idea to actually look at my teeny wee craw. Front danged treble hook is gone but ring still in place. I'm thinking the bigger RB broke it off when he was fighting the other one. After banging my head off a big rock a couple of times, cast in the same spot about twenty more times with nothing to show.

Left there around 7 and picked up my oldest girl for a night catting the gmr. Stayed till around two with one long run but no hook set and a turtle dining on my gill head. Seems like the spot I have is 50/50. One night being good catting, one being no more than an all you can eat buffet for turtles. If anyone one knows a remedy for pesky turtles, I'll give ya a million bucks as soon as I get it.

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