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London bombing

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Walter Adkins, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Just in case anyone has forgotten what chicken crap terrorist can do to free people? At a time when leaders are trying to find a way to solve poverty, aids and other global needs terrorist show their true colors again. I have a large size 15 boot ready to shove up, sorry, down their throat. Now over my shoulder I hear reports of cherrs for more bombs and attacks by more terrorist. :mad: :mad:
  2. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    More Cheers? Man, whats this world comming to?

  3. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    Due to years of do-nothing political leaders wringing their hands and taking it up the poopshoot, the Muslim extremists have grown bold and daring. Notice I said Muslim, not just terrorists. They are the flavor of the time and they need to be dealt with. Unfortunately there are waaay too many nations out there willing to harbor these cowardly murderers, which are exactly what they are. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It wasn't until post 9/11 that anyone really started taking the fight back to the people that are causing these issues. You know what I am talking about. I won't go deeper because I don't want this thread poofed.

    It's as simple as this- an outdated, violent and backwards culture that can't handle the new civilization is lashing out trying to prevent their own demise. It's high time someone started doing something the eliminate the threat. It's no easy path.

    We all need to remember the Brits and their loyalty to us in the past and try to do something to help.


    Ate an English muffin for breakfast.
  4. Paul Anderson

    Paul Anderson Logan's Dad

    Man they were so happy in London yesterday. What a difference a day can make. My prayers are with the victims and families. Unlike 9/11 it looks like blood donations might be helpfull this time. What a waste of cellular tissue these cowards are.
  5. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    terrorism sucks

    It's sad that there will always be hate in this world, and someone willing to hurt others. It's a no-win situation. No amount of fighting will ever stop someone from attempting these events.
  6. Was stationed in the U.K. during my A.F. days and rode the subways in London alot. I can only imagine what that situation would of been like for those poor people, in those subway cars. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

    I agree with UFM82 110%
  7. Whaler

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    It would be great if the earth would open up and swallow the whole middle east. That's the only way other then nukes to ever stop the terrorists. They have a never ending supply of them and they are all over the world. They are definitely Lunatics!
  8. Our focus should have never been redirected towards Iraq. The terrorists are more of a threat to us and those like us. We went in to Afganawhatever and kicked them in the shin and pretty much left.....

    I just can't believe more people haven't showed their support on here. American's want everyone's support when a 9/11 or something of the sort happens, but when it is someone else's problem...."Oh, that's too bad. Honey, what's for dinner?"

    We need to refocus on terrorists and take the fight back to them. Iraq will not change for the better as long as we are there.

    Anyone that says we are in Iraq for the oil.......I don't see my gas tank getting any cheaper :mad:
  9. i for one support the war in iraq,i support our troops all the way.we need to take it to them so it dont happen here for afganistan we did in one year what the russians didnt do in ten years........that is free thousends of needs to stop listening to the main stream news all they report on is the you ever here of all the hospitals..schools electric water that we have rebuilt for them.....hell no you only here about the bad things......god bless the all the men in red white and 2 cents......tight lines
  10. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    That is so true, it's a no-win situation. We retaliate, then they retaliate, etc. As someone stated, they (terrorist) are all over the world. Maybe it's time for a Department of Peace since we have one for war.
    Now, I'm not saying let them have their way, I'm saying the road we're on might not have the ending we want. A few major terrorist attacks could rock the economic stability in the world. Look what it did to us after 9-11. If someone blows up your local grocery store or school, etc. How do you continue a "normal" life afterwards ?
    If our policy is to kill them all, then what is their policy (same as our policy)? When we're fighting people who will strap bombs on themselves & detonate themselves, it's going to be tough to stop that. A person comitting suicide has no motivation to stop once commited, what are you going to do to him?? Kill him??
    It's a dirty damn shame what happened in London and it's almost a certaintly it will happen again somewhere else. I pray it this is the last one, and I pray the One with all power will bring peace.
  11. It's not Afganwhatever. It's Afghanistan. It was "one" of the primary breeding grounds for terrorist training camps. Our troops along with a worldwide coalition are still fighting and DYING in one of the most desolate parts of the world.

    In the '90's, UBL declared a 100 year war, Jihad, against our way of life. We're only 10 years into it. Our government knows this. Other breeding grounds include, but not limited to, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. A base of operations set in Iraq makes perfect sense from a military standpoint. Iraq is a BATTLE in the WAR on terrorism.
    This war will continue until this plague of extremism is gone form this planet.

    I don't need to show my support for our friends accross the pond on a fishing web site. I may be too old to join the fight with a gun in my hands, I sure can put my hands together in prayer and pray for the victims of this heinous act.
  12. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    What is the OBL ?
  13. OBL = Osama Bin Laden!

    Roe v Wade.... very well put. I am in complete agreement.

    I am one of those who actually wish I could be over there. I have a lot of friends and coworker who have been activated through the reserves and I pray for them daily. I could not go into the service due to an injury from highschool baseball, but it is something I had always wanted to do... Must have been instilled in me from my father... a retired Army officer. He had 3 tours in Vietnam, 2 purple hearts, 3 broxe stars, and a silver star. I am thankful everyday of what he has done.... not to mention the men and women over there now fighting for not only the Iraqi people, but for our freedom and to protect our way of life!
  14. Sorry, it's UBL, Usama Bin Laden. I should have read what I wrote before I hit submit.
  15. Thank your father for me for what he's done and thank you for the service you're providing right now.
    My brother retired from the Springfield FD and now teaches Technical Rescue at The Great Oaks Institute. He's has my respect every day.
  16. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Okay, thanks, thought maybe it was something like the PLO or CIA....
    You can always go back and edit a post where you do a typo or spelling error, you can delete them too, so long as they aren't the 1st post in a thread. I do it all the time. Easier to hit Preview & proof read...but who likes it easy?

    Religious fanactics are the worst because they are convinced God is on their side, while in fact, God might not take sides....
    I'd say more, but then I'd have to delete my post for violating TOS (religion)
  17. Fighting a guerilla, terrorist force willing to lay down their lives and completely dedicated to their cause is an unwinnable war. History proves this time and again in the 20th century:

    Afghanistan (Russia's invasion)
    Northern Ireland

    The way to win this battle is to continue to fight terrorists militarily while eroding their base of support back home. This all started when? In the '90's when Bin Laden objected to placement of western troops in permanent bases in Saudi Arabia. What we are doing now runs the risk of creating thousands more Bin Ladens. At the same time, we are killing hundreds of prospective terrorists through the actions of our brave men and women on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    All that being said my biggest disapointments are seeing that we are ignoring the lessons of history and taking an approach that favors military action only and an apparent lack of understanding of what has caused the conflict.

    In Afghanistan we have been largely successful. Why? Simply put because the Afghan on the ground is better off now than they were in 2001. The local populace hated the Taliban and is willing to fight them. Additionally the truly effective guerilla fighters in Afghanistan were on our side. The had the support of a large percentage of the population. In Iraq the opposite is true in the "Sunni Triangle" outside of this area things are calm and our brave service people are doing great things under relative safety. Inside the "Sunni Triangle" we face stiff opposition from internal and external enemies who are well funded, well trained and have local support.

    Before I am jumped on as a appeaser I want to make it clear that the fight on the ground MUST continue. You have to continue to kill them off when given the opportunity. By destroying their base (by undermining their reasoning) you cost them recruits, financial support and world opinion. Attrition will slowly destroy organizations like Al Qaeda.

    In the meantime, the American people need to steel themselves against the likelihood that terrorism is and will continue to be virtually unstoppable. They WILL strike us again. They WILL kill innocent civilians again. How many times over the last day or so have you heard Brits say they were used to this in the 70's from the IRA? I have heard lots say this...we will need to be of the same opinion. Our losses will be on the battlefield and in the general population. If we decide this battle is worth fighting...and I believe it is...we must accept this.

    The attitude that ALL muslims should be eliminated is feeding exactly what the terrorists want, a religious war between the "infidels" and the muslims. At this time the vast majority of the muslim world is outraged by all terrorist attacks which kill innocent civilians. If we (for those to whom it applies), as Christians, deny our leader's fundamental teachings of tolerance and peace and randomly attack (verbally or physically) another man because of his religious belief in the same God that we believe in then we become no better than that which we wish to destroy.

    No one wants a religious war between two of the three largest religions on Earth. I certainly do not want to face the prospect of 1 BILLION potential suicide bombers.
  18. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    You're right Bottom Bouncer. We never should have gone to Iraq. I believe the reason we did was so Bush junior could kick Saddam 's ass for trying to assasinate Bush senior several years before. We should have kept hunting Bin Laden and his cohorts and all others of that Ilk. The terroroism will never end now. These so called people are religious fanatics and lunatics and don't care if they die. The only thing they are good at is killing others.
  19. Onion you are wrong about the wars. Japan, Germany, Taliban for example lost even when they were willing to give their lives for their country. Every war has people willing to die for their just cause. You may question whether we should have gone to Iraq but it is time to move one and realize that we have to finish the fight. Prim example of giving in. USl has came out and said what gave him the idea that he could win was when Clinton would not let American soldiers go back in after black hawk down. He truly believed that if he could bloody America’s nose and we would turn and run. Do you want to breed more USLs?
    A Marine General preparing to go into Afghanistan had this to say to his men. (paraphrased) Our enemy is not afraid to die for their cause, I say lets help them get there quicker than they had planned. I find it strange that people still believe that we can treat these people with kindness and win. They blow up innocent people to make a point and yet you think hey if we are kind to them then they will be kind back. There is a reason they are called extremist by the world. These are not religious people.
    I have an idea why don’t we just send them our women and girls to be treated second hand. Turn to your wife and tell her she is lower than a dog, oh what you will not do that. Why?
    In this country we believe that one person can achieve what he or she wants. Incase you were wondering people in Iraq never had that chance until now. Yes they have a hard row ahead but I believe they are up to it. My cousin is a Captain in our Army and has served two tours in Iraq. He has personally seen two schools get started. He says that with a little help the country will do it because they have tasted what it means to be free and to know that you can strive beyond what they could have dreamed about before. He also wants to scream at our news agencies. Why is it that they report one bomb going off killing a few people but not all the people that are saved every day in the hospitals from common things (not war)? Why is the schools, electric, water oil all of the never talked about. Why aid the radicals with showing what they do and not show what good is done around the world by free countries.
    I look at that bus in London and want to shout. WAKE UP WORLD. You preach kindness and jump all over America about some false report that says a soldier kicked a Koran want to close a retention center (prison camp). When 47 innocent people (at last count) are murdered you go we need to show kindness and they will not do this again.
    We know that we are not always correct but this time and this war we are. You don’t believe me then look over your shoulder at all the different people that have came to the shores of this country to better them selves. Ask you self were did they come from and why leave there.
  20. Lewis


    Guys,as you know,we dont normally allow political or religious discussion here at OGF.
    We have learned from experience,that passions and opinions run very high when discussing these topics.
    However,we are willing to provide a little flexibility of the "Terms of Service" in this case due to the serious nature of this event.
    All we ask is that you keep it civil.