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They Walleye/Perch fishing has slowed,folks are gettin them, yet they really have to work for them and be patient.

The unstable atmosphere,mainly the barametric pressure has affected the fishing, it goes up,then drops like a rock! This is definately affecting there feeding habits. Once the pressure is stable for a couple days,LOOK FOR THE WALLEYE to start feasting again in tight and 12 to 14' f.o.w. and between 30-40'f.o.w. The past 2 years the pressure was stabil after June 18th/2002 and 19th/2003.

At first thought we were thinking the fish were staging towards the sand bar. After LOOKING AT PRIOR YEARS,we have about another 20-30 days before that happens. Last year drift fishermen were crushing the walleye in 12'-14' of water the last week in June.

Hang in there, the best is yet to come!
Best regards,
Bait Dave
Input to this report COMPLIMENTS of Craig Lewis @ Erie Outfitters(440)949-8934
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