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    I finally took a night off and hit the ice with mrphish42, deckman and his buddy Ed. Hit one of my favorite private places for the evening bite.We got on the ice around 6:30pm and fished till 10. I still can't believe the 4"-5" of slush we had to walk through on the ice, not to mention we had to drag the shanties over 12" of snow to get to the ice.The walk on the ice really sucked once the ice formed on the underside of the shanties due to all the slush we had to travel through.We found one nice hard clean spot about 100yds from where I really wanted to fish,but decided to settle in and drill some holes in 19 foot of water. Dropped the first line down the hole and wham, had it-lost it, broke my line. Grabbed rod #2 and sent it down the hole and wham, nice 2+lb walleye.Sent the jigging spoon back down with a shiner and wham, nice walleye , but lost it at the hole.Mrphish then hooks a nice one too, but lost it before the hole.Then nothing the rest of the night, lockjaw set in.We had alot of lookers and followers, but couldn't get them to take the offerings.Deckman caught 2 walleye and his buddy Ed had 1 when we decided to call it a night.Still felt great to get out of the house and fish with good company.We'll be back on Moday with Icebucketjohn joining us, hopefully with better results...............Mark
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    Mark.....GREAT JOB OF TELLING IT LIKE IT WAS......."Mother Nature" sure can show us just who is in control........Thanks to deckman and "ed" for taking their 4-wheel drive trucks into that area.....and helped cut down on the walk out from shore. We all agree that the amount of snow on these lakes......really makes for tough going and some still tricky conditions....was nice to measure the thickest ice I've been on in a couple of years (8 to 9) in that area we fished. We did our best.....found fish/ had them on the vex/ put the baits is their faces/had some takers/then a ton of lookers/and it all shut down......still lookin and no action.......Yep, this trip had a bit of every thing.......and your right about getting out on the ice......IT ONLY LASTS SO LONG!!!! IF WE GET ONE AT ALL........THAT'S ICE FISHING SEASON (OHIO STYLE) .......jON sR.

  3. Thanks again Mark, still had an awesome time and judging by the amount of lookers you can tell there is a real healthy population in there. To bad last night it was a population of not hungry fish, but I'm sure thers times there when you can't do anything wrong.....Chris