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  1. I'll be re-doing the flooring in my boat after this season and I want to add locking floor storage doors to replace two non-locking ones. I don't have to have an exact size match because as I said, I'm replacing the floor... Just gotta get close to 15x24" (rough measurement from memory).

    Anyone know where I can buy these?
  2. I guess nobody knows how to acquire these.

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    Go to West Marine, Cabelas, Gander Mountain, BoatUS, Boaters World, Bass Pro Shops, or any number of other online sources. You can look at surplusunlimited.com as well or easternmarine.com for what you are looking for. I can say that I don't see hatches much in the retail stores unless you are around a boating area of the country. A hatch such as the size you are looking for should run under $100 depending on what style you want. Tempress makes nice hatches as does SSI in Florida. Expensive but made to live up to the elements and abuse that boats endure. You can also find hatches with no latch and use Perko locks in them if you look hard enough.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you! 5 Star Help!

    I just wasn't using the right term in my searches. Drinks on me.. "Down the hatch"