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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jshbuckeye, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I live in a quiet lil village one stop light works most the time. Leaveing for work the other morning I see hanging from my lil red tin can as I call it (boat) is the fuel line. The boat has been parked in the same spot for close to 20 yrs I look in and the gas Tank is gone. I cant stand thieves!@
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    i hate to say it, if you leave it out, sooner or later some scum will steal it. hell there stealing downspouts right off peoples houses here it the city i live in.

  3. I hate thieves also, here where I live they're stealing catalytic converters off trucks , in broad daylight. Something about platinum inside the converter
  4. Toxic

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    Heck Tom, the crackheads broke into out rental property in Warren. And it is in a decent location by St Joe's Hospital. They stole our copper out of it. It isn't safe anywhere anymore. They only could get about 20-25 bucks worth. But they ended up causing more damage that the copper was worth.

    Jshbuckeye, sorry to hear that. To bad you couldn't have thrown a little rock salt their way!
  5. Nothing is safe here in the big city I have realized that for years(heck they will steal off your grave nothing is sacred) but I was going through Tiffin a few weeks ago headed towards the lake and noticed garage doors open at 5AM:confused: on one hand it made me feel good for small town America..but on the other hand I was thinking boy these people will pay for that sooner or later.
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    on the alley by where i work, they stole the grounding wires off the utility poles.
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    Set them up for the next attempt...put a gas can with a little gas and a whole lot of engine ruining other stuff in it in there so the next time, it will trash their engine! :p

    Never Mind...After second thought, they may try to steal your truck then...:eek:

    Plan "B"...shoot the bastards! !@ Yep, that will work!! I hate thieves!
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    Once on a BBQ discussion board I said I'd like to tow a smoker trailer with an old utility company truck with all the locking tool cabinets built into the body.

    Someone simply replied, "Locks are for honest people."
  9. A friend of mine was loosing gas from the gas cans he kept in the garage, so he replaced them with new cans filled with water. A couple of days later the neighbor's truck was broken down.
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    ha, my dad did the same thing 2 days later the neighbor kids 4 wheelers were not to be heard and they usually ride them every day we didnt hear them for about 3 weeks...LOL
  11. I wish they would of left the tank and only took the gas if it were to become a regular problem setting them up would be easy and it wouldnt be with bad gas. Like most good trustworthy guys I will go out of my way for you if it is within my means but cross me and if possible I will get every bit of my pound of flesh and then some because while you are at it the getting is good and may not get that chance again.