Local Water Temps?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DrChip, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. I'm hoping to start a thread where folks can post local water temps. That should help people select where to look for the best bite.


  2. Marshall

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    10-2-08 OSR water temps were 62 in upper end and 68 in the lower end. First thing in the morning up north in shallow water i got 58. Midlake was around 65.

  3. was out on griggs last night and it was 64
  4. Buckeye is 63 degrees today
  5. The surface temp at Knox ranged from 64 to 67 yesterday. Although it was a little chilly out, the topwater bite was hot. I got several on a buzzbait and one on a frog. The rest of my catch came from soft plastics. The bass were locked onto the wood cover along the shore, so the casts needed to be accurate.....unlike many of mine. I'll just blame it on the wind and leave it at that.
  6. on alum on sat, started out about 65.5 around 8am , by 200pm it had hit 69.5
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    Indian lake was 55 degrees in the morning, warming to 57-58 on 10-5-08
  8. Lake Logan... no official temp, but when my daughter fell off the dock Saturday, she said it was freezing, but she is 6. :)
  9. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. Now I can contribute...

    A couple of days ago Griggs was 61 degrees up north, up to 66 degrees down south. Water levels (before today's rain) were up to about normal. Not sure where the extra water was coming from, as flow was light and we haven't had any rain (until today, of course)...
  10. That is funny! I had my boy do that a couple of years ago in April with water around 50°. You know he said the same thing then too.:D

    By the way I was at Pleasant Hill on Sunday 10/5 during the midday and found temps ranging from 65-67°. It was a calm day and plenty of sunlight to hold the temps up.
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    Hey chip good to hear griggs is up. But the water is coming from OSR. I saw that lake drop 18" last week. Must be down a good 8' or so. Doubt we got enough rain to help OSR though.
  12. I thought it might be they just were sending more water from OSR. There was a sign on the dock at the northernmost Griggs ramp saying be careful, raise your prop when loading to avoid damage. I was surprised since the water was higher than I'd seen it in a few months. Maybe problems with the ramps was why they released more water from OSR? But then that would just move the problem up the chain... :confused: