Local Pond.

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Skizzy Rotum, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Went out to a Local Pond yesterday. Sky was clear, Low 50's, Windy. Water was very clear. We went with the intentions of using Rattle Traps and Crankbaits, However after about 20-30 casts we switched over to live minnows. Together we caught 20+ fish, LM and Crappie. The Crappie that hit were damned big, around the 1lb mark. The largest bass of the day weighed in a bit over 1lb. All in all a great day, Felt great to be out on the water for the first time. The bite was weird though, They would hit hard for about 10 minutes and we would catch 4-5 in a row. Bite would stop for an hour or so and pick back up and do the same thing. Hope everyone else out there is having some success.