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  1. If you are just looking for a quick place to test your equipment and ice some fish, we hit the NB res. last friday, and brought up some small perch. They are all about 6-7" at best , but at times there are a bunch of them. We used wax worms in about 21FOW on the NE corner near the pump house, 5-7" of ice then, be careful and have fun
  2. Thats where I fished last thursday. I caught 4 little ones on wax worms but they were small enough so that I considered using them for walleye bait. Fun to catch but definately not keepers.

  3. The sad thing is people were filling up buckets of them and some small crappie all summer and taking them home. Must cook them like Smelt.
  4. I hate when people do that. They could atleast let them grow to a decent size and give others a chance at them. Unless a person of family is literally starving ( then how did they afford a fishing license ) , there is no sense in trying to eat all those little fish and possibly wipe out the fish population for a few years.
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    What is NB reservoir ?
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    North Baltimore Reservoir. It's on SR 18 west of I-75.
  7. The only thing I hate about it is you will have to carry a boat up the bank if you want to fish out of one. Our tax dollars fund alot of the cost and they won't even put in a ramp:mad:
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  9. your not supposed to carry a boat up to the res. they don't want any boats in there.
  10. I dont believe that its posted "no boats" anywhere , it must be just designed to make it harder so as to discourage you from putting a boat in.
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    i had my boat in NB res last summer and no one said anything to me. just caught some small gills nothin else but it was ok fishin.
  12. I have seen several boats in the new res. Not sure what the towns feelings are about though.