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  1. hey does anyone know a decent pond where i could hook into some nice panfish? i tried local trout stocked lakes because they all hold some gills, but never found anything decent in size. maybe there are some private ponds that are worth trying
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    I don't know where you are located but try mogadore res. Its a big electric only lake and absolutely loaded with panfish. gills, red ears, crappies, and perch. you will do alot better if you have a boat because shoreline access is llimited but available.

  3. i have a very light 12' canoe think that would work. mogadore is according to google maps 42 miles away from me. i wanna catch some panfish on flies, preferably poppers. what size hook should i use for them?
  4. If you are east of Mogadore, a good panfish lake is Highlandtown, outside of Lisbon. Small lake well suited to a canoe, & has been a top lake for good sized gills for many years. Give it a try.
    If you are west of Mogadore, try the Medina County Parks lakes....River Styx park & Hubbard Valley. Both have some HUGE gills. I have personally taken an 11 incher & many 9s from River Styx & have seen 10 & 11 inchers at Hubbard Valley (before they drained it a year or so ago).
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  5. thanks for replies. do you know how common are bass in mogadore?