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local akron ice

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by fishingful, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    any one know the ice conditions at magadore springfield portage lakes or the local ice ............thanks jim
  2. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Passed Mogadore this noon and there was a lot of open water around the edges. East of Congress Lake Rd was frozen over but didn't check it out. I will give it a few days.

  3. stay off that ice! I stopped and checked CLR area and it isnt even ice. All it is is a thick slush. The weight of my shoe broke through the ice like it was nothing. So dont go out and stay safe.
  4. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Appreciate the post. It will be a while before I venture out. Need more freezing. This has been a bad season for ice formation!!!!
  5. A bit of extra info...drove across OH turnpike today coming from PA, every lake and pond had open water, some on the edges, some in the middle, and some a bit of both.
  6. Was on Nimi friday. I proceeded with caution , spudbar and augar as I went,but ouside of the first few feet after that all ice was hard,clear and 4-7in. It did appear to be gradually thinning as I went towards deeper water, so stayed in 6-10' of water. Got a few keeper gills and we snapped off on a big bass or something.
  7. Thanks Fishrun! Was thinking about going out this weekend. Anybody else have any PL or NIMI reports?????
  8. went to long lake today to check things out a good 6+ inches around the weed bed will be there bright and early in the morning.
  9. I also drove by Long today and saw a few guys close to shore, ice must be good there. I would not venture out to far though. Be safe and good luck
  10. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    mogadore ice is still good...spring is on the way
  11. mayfly was nice to meet you and again thanks for the gills we caught another dozen keepers after you left. we stayed till 8p.m. , they were only hitting chartreuse pinmins after dark hope this helps anyone