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  1. went fishing last weekend to a local pond and caught 6 bluegill in 1/2 hour, then went to LMR tonight and had one blowup but didn't land any in about 40 minutes.

    Hope we get some rain soon.
  2. just wondering if youve been doing any good in the LMR at all this year. I use to fish the LMR allll the time in my younger years, and always seemed to catch fish. I just recently started fishing the river again, and havent been doing very good. I did catch 1-16" smallmouth there this year though.

  3. yeah, I have caught sm in the lmr this summer. not as much as some of the others have.

    2.5" dark green tubes and spinners have worked for me.

  4. I am taking my wife wade fishing there in the morning. If you don't here anything from me then we didn't do very where.
  5. Something to the 2.5" green tubes. We have been using them in the Auglaize this year with success for smallies.
  6. I have caught tons of smallies this year on the LMR.... I fish it a couple times a week.... However, I just had an emergency surgey for my appendix so it may be a few before I can get back at em!
  7. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    1bad sorry to here that man, Been through it its no fun. I have had some good days and some bad this year. Started off horrible this year for me. But as of late have been doing pretty well with several different species. As for the smallies have not broke the 16-17 inch mark yet. I headed out in the morning so maybe to morrow will be the day. I tied up a bunch of differnt bunny patterns so hopefully one of the new ones will produce. S
  8. wow, sorry to hear that. You'll be back before you know it. My wife had her appendix rupture last summer and she was back at it after 6 weeks.

    Good luck on your recuperating.
  9. thanks guys.... it didnt rupture, but I was in pain... My recovery time should be fairly quick... Ill be sure to let ya know when Im back at it.... :)

    GL guys
  10. Concerning the 2.5" tubes, They are dink killers. I've jumped to at least 3.5" - 4" and do much better. Amazingly, still catch some dinks.
    I've been doing pretty well over the last couple of months on the LMR after starting out very slow. I'm convinced it's all about plastics. I know some folks are doing well using some slash-type baits. But, it's hard to spend $5-7 a lure while fishing a rocky river.
    I'm there with sevenx, haven't broke the 16" mark yet. But, I've had them on and will get them by years end.