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  1. Little Miami River Right
    Hearing You Guys Talk I Have To Try It The Idea Is To Find Pools Of Water And Just Walk The River Is That The Best Way
    Where Can You Acess The River From
    Any Help Is Much Appreciated
    This Site Is Great By The Way I Recently Just Discovered It Is Pretty Neat This Many People Get On Every Day Consistently To Talk About Fishin Is There One For Hunting Too
  2. the best way to find good water is get a canoe, put in just below john bryan park and drift from there to the mouth where it hits the ohio, see the whole thing, theres alot of different types of water along that river and certain people like certain areas. milford has fish but the past two years its been pounded, loveland has alot of small fish, ft. ancient-fosters has been the go to area for smallmouth since my dad was young, it also has been pounded the past two years. oregonia, spring valley the upper river can be very good at times and offers a different mix of fish. alot of times anymore its a game of getting away from other anglers and you can catch fish, there all up the river
    anywhere you fish on the river you can catch white bass, sauger, smallmouth and channel cats. the two most popular baits are 2.5in yum craw bugs on a standup or a 1/8 ounce jighead with a white grub

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    creekwalker Moving water...

    A good river/boat guide that I've used a few times is LMR link.

    There's a good bit of info on past posts about which stretches are best to fish for what species and I don't fish it enough to offer any better advice.

    I agree with RiverKing about checking it out....as well as the baits, but I would add a dark tube jig and a dark soft jerkbait to the baits list (not just for the LMR). Although the 2.5in yum crawbug might be my favorite jig/smallie bait of all time :)