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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by catfisherbrad, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Ok, this has to be one of the worst starts to a fishing trip EVER!!!

    Well the morning started out good, woke up with dad around 7 and got to my uncles house around 8:10 am, went to the old gravel pit with some minnows and night crawlers. Dad caught several nice bait sized yellow bellies. He also caught some bluegills. Was kinda slow but we managed. I caught a turtle on a big blue gill head. And had several other runs but missed ( most likely turtles) Then i got snaged and lost my nice big lighthouse bobber and straw. After wards we came home, i took a 30 minute nap and headed out to the LMR.

    My dad lives in loveland and has a creek behind his house, he tells me to head down the creek to the river. I had 3 hotdogs in my left pocket, little tackle carrying box in my left lower pocket, a 10ft beef stick with abu garcia ambassadeur 6500 reel. A large open reel pole and my little medium/light action bait/bluegill/bass pole. I start down the creek ok. THen comes hell... I come across the back part of the creek that feeds into the river. But it was standing water and i had some, not much but some room to walk on the side. I thought the mud was walkable, i guessed wrong. Few steps i started sinking slightly, i said well im almost there, but almost there was further than i thought.

    I get closer, and my right foot sinks about knee deep in nasty mud. ((( NOT TO MENTION I HAVE A BAD LEFT KNEE, AND SPRAINED MY RIGHT ANKLE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.))) So i was like great, i set my poles, minnow bucket and chair down to try to free my leg. NO luck. finally i get it out, just to realize my left leg went down about 3 ft to my other knee. I was jerking around and my left knee popped, i think it was a slight dislocation, nothing major, but it hurt very very very badly. I tried and tried to get out but was just getting deeper. I took my right foot out of my shoe in 3 foot of mud and dug the rest out. Finally i had my 2 shows witha bout 10000 pounds of mud, my muddy shorts, muddy shirt, and sweating like none other...

    I finally get my rods and make it down to the river. I walk around the other side up the hill then back down. I make my way to my minnow bucket and chair that i left stranted by the stump where i got stuck. I was smarter this time, i gently scalled the dirt wall and luckily avoided getting trapped. I got the bucket and Chair, and made my way back around. I sort of felt like rambo, with my chair over my head and arm like a bazacoo lol. :D I finally made my way up the hill and back down safely to the other side and to the river. At this point i was tired, sweaty and sort of POed.

    Finnally time to fish. I waded out a little, about my shins deep and but a minnow on my little pole. After i tried my 10ft pole and nothing happened and i just felt like bass fishing i reeled er in. I was about a foot or foot and a half deep and had about 4 bites and about a hour or so till i got my smallie. It was a fighter!!! First small mouth bass i have ever caught in my 17 years alive. Boy was it fun fighting it in the current.

    So all that work for a half way decent pay out. I enjoyed it and learned from my mistakes.

    Here is some pictures, i took 2 pics, and i wear a size 12 shoe :)
    not bad for a first smallie


  2. BigLunkerSOB

    BigLunkerSOB Bengals 4-life WHO DEY

    HAHA I had a similar experience earlier today on the stillwater but i managed to avoid the Quicksand. my foot started to sink badly up to my shin so I made a quick run for the shore and luckily found solid ground. That mud can be like quicksand right now, It reminds me of that episode of man Vs. Wild where Bear Grills shows how to escape quicksand and does the bearcrawl out of the mud.

    Nice smallie by the way!!!!!

  3. I told you there were smallies in there!!! You should have made your dad make that trek with you...hope the knee is alright, you have to start taking care of those legs!!! Next time you are at your dads, we will have to get out!
  4. Yea biglunker i saw that, but i didnt feel like crawling in mud and water lol. And yea sean for sure we will get out some time. Send me a message or pm me ( i can give ya my cell) and we could always hit the lmr behind the ball fields during the week. So yea for sure!
  5. Good Story and Great Fish young man. I am sure you are hooked for life on smallies now. Like every bass angler who gets a good smallie. There is nothing like it. Keep up the good work. Nothing like walking a creek or river to keep you in good shape. As long as you dont break something in the process.