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LMR Tonight 10-1-2004

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Just got back from fishing at the LMR today. Fished from about 3:30 until 9pm. Bank fished close to the mouth of the river. As I was hauling stuff down to set up, a guy was coming up with a stringer of 1-3 pound channels. He said he caught em on shrimp and looked like he was going to eat them. Hope he likes mercury, pcbs and today's latest mix of pesticides... At least it wasn't baby flats or worse, trophy fish... If you're gonna eat 'em, that's about the safest size.

    Anyway, I had every kind of bait EXCEPT shrimp. Proceeded to put in at a deep hole (deep for the lmr) at 22 feet according to my wrist radar (rf30). Used my old stand-by, chicken livers and some cut frozen skippys....Nada for an hour and a half. My bank locale was a high bank and I could look down into the water. Even though stained, I could see down a couple of feet into the water...even waaayyy out there. There were huge balls of shad out there being harrassed by stripers. It reminded me of dogs chasing sheep. Once in a while a big hybrid would bust them and fly into the air....very cool. THese were big least for what I usually catch down there....maybe 5-7 pounds. I pulled in one of my cat poles and put a jig/grub on one of my light poles. Caught a couple of dink hybrids...too bad they didn't know they were small....maybe a pound or two....what a riot. Stripers rock! Almost snagged a couple of bigger shad too 6-7"....(for you boating castnetter types..:)) I'm thinkin you probably need 1 or 2 sticks if you don't have a boat and a cast net.....short fuse too. They just don't bite....anything...ever.

    After I caught about 5 of the little hybrids on jigs, nightcrawlers on bobbers...a rapala....I decided to get back to business and try to catch a few cats. Everybody on this site that cats says that STRUCTURE is the stuff. Well, there are several sunken trees right there...big ones...full of branches....and a few of my hooks... After losing about 4 hooks in a row, I went with #6 Gamacircles. They don't hang up as much. Now I'm using a 5" goldfish on one pole and cut skippy on the other....No bites...It's 6pm.

    Since there is no current to speak of right now (push back from the ohio), I decide to use a BIG OLD BOBBER....slip kind set to about 10 feet. Wrist-radar says there are fish at 10 feet. Put a huge hunk of liver on a circle hook and heaved it out into the channel....about 35 feet away..... And there it sat for about another 40 minutes... Then splunk...the bobber was gone. It went down so fast it actually sounded like somebody threw a rock in....probably why I noticed it. Lifted the pole and dragged in a 6#12oz channel...the biggest I've ever pulled from the LMR. Caught a 2.7 and a 2.12 lb on liver and nightcrawlers using bobbers....who knew... After 3 lousy weeks of dead bait, MAN it was good to hook something that wasn't made of wood and pulled back. I've never caught a flathead there....yet......There's got to be some in there looks too good...not much current though.

    I want several of the folks on this forum to know that the advise they dish out has at least helped me. I snell my own hooks now and miss fewer fish when I get a hit. I use heavier line and bigger hooks and produce better quality. I still don't have the cut bait deal working for me, but I figure it's just a matter of time and finding the right place. Also, I can cast a chicken liver about 40-50 feet now...Not an easy thing to do.... Anyway, not to ladel it on, but I'm using a lot of tips that I gleened from this site and it is starting to work for me at several of my old spots.... Thanks, guys.

    One last thing. Saw something tonight that I've NEVER seen near Lunken field (accross from where I fish). 3 female turkeys came sneaking out of the woods on the other side of the river. Wouldn't have noticed them if one of them hadn't made a call... They seem like very secretive birds...Very cool to see them so close to the city for the first time...

    The river is down enough to fish the LMR. Mud is dry enough not to stick if you walk. I had a lot of fun tonight... If somebody wants to fish it, all the ones I caught are still in there...;) I'd put up pics but my xfer cable is at work..whoops..