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  1. I took a friend of mine out wading yesterday for some small mouth action. We started with cranks and soft jerk baits. Found a few but the smallies were just not liking these things. So we switched to tubes and jigs. Got into some more. I then switched to a shaky head worm and found a few more. Then switched color and bam I finally worked out the correct combination. Coming back up stream I was working cover that we had worked earlier and I felt a light tap. I thought well here is another quite one. Let it have some line then buried the hook. Don't you just love it when you here your drag singing? After a five or six good jumps and a nice strong fight I had her in my hands.
    She was only 17 1/2" but she is by far bigger than some of the 21" ones I have caught. I would put this girl in the top three of all smallies I have caught. Not on her length by any means. But by her over all portions she was just a huge smallie that was just beautifully. She is built more like a abrams tank than a appachie helicopter. I rarely take my camera any more but I sure do wish I had it with me yesterday. Tony, the friend that I took, was just going crazy over this thing, and so was I grinning from ear to ear. She would be a true wall hanger for a ton of guys and gals I know but she is still swimming in the LMR to add to some other anglers story book.

    By the end of the day we had plenty to tease each other about but we also have a few fish that we will be working at getting to again.
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    i think they are feeding heavy right now with the shallow water cought a 13 - 14 inch small mouth could have sworn it was a huge fish. it sure was super fat like you said alot bigger than longer ones. maybe they fatting up for the winter.

  3. hahah fattening up for the winter......??? its August....the middle of summer...lol
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    Shaky head worm huh. You never did mention what color you switched to. Glad to hear you had a good day!
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    was either orange or brown. Anyway, there has to be SOME reason why the fish are still biting so good, even though all waters are low and way too warm...I have not seen that before. Usually when it is heck-hot like it has been and that water feels like chicken noodle soup, they won't bite. They won't even move. I guess them "loading" is as good an explanation as any...by the way, I've had the same experience. The lmb's I've caught recently are huge fat, they look like they swallowed a baseball. I know it's not eggs--we're way past that. So why is the bite real active in this hot weather/water, and why are they fatter than in years past??? (Hey, I'm not complaining...):p
  6. Craws, crawdads, crawfish! Thats my theory. The last smallie I caught this year was fat like it was full of eggs. It had plenty of meat on it's sides and was as healthy looking a smallmouth that I have caught in a long time. I got it on a live craw. The creek was as low as I've ever seen it and was just alive with craws. I think these fish are just stuffing themselves with these craws. Obviously the craws have had a good year with this low water. So have the smallies. :)
  7. Many of the smallies I have caught have fat bellies. It seems they are eating more this year. I have caught several smallies that have craws in their mouths. Ronnie