LMR Species?

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  1. Anyone have any luck in the LMR near dayton with species other than smb, lmb, rocks, & panfish?
  2. add drum and channel cats and you have all the species of sportfish in the upper lmr in fishable populations. theres chubs carp and grass pickerel too.

  3. I have caught several Grass Pickerel over the years, they like the oxbows, but I wouldnt say drum are very common until you get down past Ceasers Creek. I grew up on the LMR and have taken about everything that swims including Perch, white bass, rainbow trout and walleyes, but the norm is white suckers, Hoghead Suckers,some channel cats,a few bullheads, carp, Smallies, rock bass and an never ending supply of chubs.
    In the stretch from say the Narrows down to Ceasers Creek you will pick up a few Largemouth bass, crappies in the mix. Longnose Gar seem to stay below CC as well.

  4. This is my first summer of fishing the river around the Bellbrook area. I've mostly caught 8" small mouth bass, and 6" rock bass, and lots of bluegill. I've caught 2-4" minnow fish that I don't know what they are, but I keep them on the hook and the bass like them. Perch and grass prickerel...wow I didn't know that. I'm learning.
  5. Thanks for the info....I have fished the dayton area rivers a lot over the years primarily targeting smb. Just looking for something new to target.

    Are grass pickerel similar to either pike or muskies? do they get very big?
    I fish with artificials so i am guessing they hit on musky type plugs/spinners and topwaters like zara's?

    Thanks again for the info!
  6. By the way i made it out to lmr today and caught a 13" smb and a few small rock bass.
  7. Grass Pickerel are really "Red Fin Pickerel" and top out at about 13" long although I saw one that went 15+" once from a LMR trib about 25 years ago and yeah, saw it measured. Best bet is minnows or size 0 spinners on ultralights. I think from the river itself, have only taken 2 but some of the tribs, have taken many.....
    Oh yeah, forget the perch, for all I know it may have been a Log Perch since it was about 25 years ago as well long before I knew what the difference was between them.

  8. a 15in grass pickerel would be a giant! but they get that big on rare occasion, typically a big one is 10in, i've only seen one bigger than that, most are 2-5in. they donnot like current, at all, salmonid has it down, in the tribs, slow slough like areas prefferably with clear water and grass, and tiny spinners. there are also northern pike in the upper lmr, they are very rare and are pretty much confined to a two mile section, and I wont doom then to die by posting it on here. so mark where do you think the rainbows came from, I have seen records off them from the lmr but I have no clue what lake or whatever they came from, I'm assuming this was a while back as well?
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    Don't know if you guys have ever seen this site, I've found it somewhat useful. It is the results of a fish survey done several years ago. I've been looking for an updated one to no avail. Click on the species and the red dots indicate where that species was found when they did the survey. I found the red dot for muskie in the GMR around Hamilton to be fairly intriguing. Lou, they do have an indication of a Rainbow being found in the upper LMR.
    It's an old survey and who knows if those small populations they found even still exist in those areas, but here is the link regardless:
    I heard a story from a trusted friend about a kid catching a Rainbow in the LMR, wonder what the probability is that they just get out of paylakes from time to time.
  10. thats a pretty good resource(its a shortcut on my computer lol) its not entirerly accurate, you'll probably note it shows no musky striper, and blue suckers in the lmr, and all three have populations here. but even with its inacuracies its nice to have a basic plot map of the local species. that map was finished in 2001, there is a better survey, more accurate, finished it 98 that only lists the species in the lmr and has no sites listed. I would have to go looking for that one, it still is missing some species, grass carp, paddlefish, and northern studfish are three I can remeber off the top of my head, but it list 96 species in the lmr, some that I have spent lots of time looking for with no sucess. that rainbow is one of two places I have seen it listed, I have been guessing paylakes as the culprit, the other cool paylake one is in fishes of ohio and on natureserve they list burbot in the lmr, that would be a neat catch!
  11. I think there are probably populations of unexpected fish(such as large pike or even muskies in Miami County) in all the rivers that aren't being discovered because they're not targeted and aren't likely to hit on the baits/lures and presentations that are generally popular in a given area. I imagine if you want to throw a big bucktail around here in Troy eventually you might find a muskie. Trout stocking in ponds may have an effect also. For example Tawawa pond in Sidney was just stocked with rainbows last week and is only a block from the GMR so who's to say some weren't tossed into the river by some fisherman who decided he didn't want to keep em after all.
  12. That site is pretty cool...thanks Salmonid. thanks for all the other info from everyone else too.

    Looks like I have to dust off the old ultralight rod and start targeting some pickerel in the future.

    Riverking- as far as the stretch with northern's...I am pretty sure i know where you are talkin about - i think it is the same stretch of river I caught a 20" smb in about a three weeks ago. I have to admit....I didn't take a camera when I caught him....didn't think i was going to have any luck with river down so low.
    That fish is the reason I was going back to that hole yesterday (with camera in hand!) I was looking for something else to target on the brutal hike/wade to that hole.
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    Amen to that. I was actually going to send you a PM and ask if you've ever tossed a bucktail into one of those deep holes where you get the Pike.... you never know, I catch most of my river muskie in holes that aren't deeper than 10 feet. If there are 25 foot holes up there, there could be some monster Pike in there.
    Muskie used to rule the rivers in Ohio until man came along and polluted the crap out of them and dammed them all up. I would not be shocked at all if some adapted to the changes and are still swimming around the GMR.
  14. Just to comment on the trout. I know a trout club by the stillwater was stocked with in the last two years, and it is only about 100 yards from the river. A good flood would certainly be able to hit the stocked area. Also my Dad talked about canoeing down the Mad about 20 to 30 years ago and seeing rainbows. I don't know if they were stocked or from a pay lake.
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    The Mad is with trout stocked by the ODNR with Brown Trout, I would assume the Rainbows got there the same way.
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    Very cool site, thanks for sharing this!
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    .. I clicked on "no Fish" and sure enough it looks like a red dot is right on Middletown!
    I feel vindicated for every :S day I have here.:)
  18. jimnrg, to some degree I would agree with the statement. however the main problem is there just arnt true justafiable wild populations of large esocids in this part of the state. if there where real healthy populations many more people would be hooking them, we are seeing remnants in both of these rivers.
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    Sweet website. I downloaded some of the GIS data. I will see if I can make some localized information available when I get some free time. (ie. species locations on the LMR and GMR) Looking at some of the data, I sometimes wish I lived closer to the Scioto. It sounds you can catch about anything there.
  20. I have seen a picture of a large 40+ inch musky caught in morrow on the lmr but it was taken over 20 years ago. The picture is hanging on the wall at little miami canoe rental. I assume it was from cowan lake because todds fork creek runs in right there. when did they start stocking musky in Cowan?