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  1. Took a friend of mine out to do some wade fishing Saturday in the LMR. Introduced him to tubes and small mouth. He ended the day tired and a big smile on his face. He caught and missed a bunch of smallies. The best was a big one that he got to fight for a while before it jumped two feet out of the water and spit his tube back at him. I would have been fuming over losing that fish but he just looked wide eyed and said "Did you see how big that thing was". I ended the day with several nice chunky smallies with the biggest being a 20"er. My friend keep asking if I was snagged until he got a look at.
    I am taking him and several other people down to my family's cabin in WV to float the New River in August and now that he has played with the small mouths he is stoked. I thought that he was excited before but now he is ready to go tomorrow. I love watching people the first time they hook into their first big small mouth. They turn back into kids.
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    My my first decent smallie did the same thing to me. I have not been right since!

  3. I know how it is man. I had a nice smallie on in a small river when in Michigan this weekend and he put up a great fight and then got by a rock or something and snapped the line. It was 10lb test so it was either that or a fray in the line. Had to settle with a 10in Rock Bass. Have fun in WV though, and good luck. Here is the rock bass, pretty lil guy.