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    I will be camping at CC state park this week and would like to know how fishing in the LMR is in this area. This is my first trip to this area and any info would be appreciated.
  2. I don't fish it much myself, but there are a lot of guys who do and do quite well. If you search back through this forum you can find quite a bit of info on the LMR.

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    look on the map at the park and you'll see where the outflow of the lake goes into the river. That's a good spot right there. You could spend an entire evening fishing it. Above that is a long stretch of slow water best fished from a boat.
    Down from the confluence is a lot of good riffle/pocket/pool,islands and channels,some it very deep. Saugeyes,smallies, and various panfish and an occaisional muskie or gar. Tubes,curly-tails,shallow - deep divers depending on the stretch of river and some in-line spinners oughta do ya fine,TC1
  4. the LMR is an excellent smallmouth fishery if you fish it correctly. Sometimes its really slow, sometimes its HOT....I havent been down in a little over a week, but i would assume its slowing down with this heat. I did have a 14 fish evening about a week ago... but the very next day i only got 1. slow baits are most likely the ticket.... GL
  5. The LMR is a beautiful river to fish and/or float. However, excellent is a relative word and not one I would choose for the LMR's smallmouth fishing. The New or James River's in Virginia would meet the excellent standard. I've found the LMR to be moderately OK at times and horrible at others. It's water clarity is usually not great and the habitat isn't what great smallmouth rivers are made of. There are some nice fish in there but they're farther and fewer between. There are a few folks on this forum who know their holes and are good enough fishermen to get them out. Others say they can, but never back up their claims. You will have to work and you'll probably still produce a bunch of dinks. But, you will have a good time. That I can guarantee.
  6. You are tring to compare some of the best smallmouth fisheries in the country to the lmr. Why don't you throw Lake Erie and St. Clair in. I have caught a five pounder out of the river and plenty of twos and threes. I do agree that you have to fish really hard and know the water to catch the bigger catch. Personally I like going out and have a challange. I have fished Erie and St. Clair and catching big fish isn't difficult. It is fun going to those lakes but I still love the lmr. Ronnie
  7. Everything is relative... example...I caught a "big" fish..... i had a "bad" day... Im sorry for the confusion in my post but i figured that it would be generally accepted that I was comparing the smallmouth fishing in the LMR to local oppertunites. off course its not lake erie or the new river..

    and its not at all about the "honey holes" as described earlier. I have caught qaulity fish from South of milford all the way to the northern most waters of that river... this year I have caught several fish over 17" and maybe a couple that have been pushing 18". and these fish are legit!! There is plenty of great water on the river and with a little time on the water a fisherman can learn how to fish it. yes there are small fish in the river and yes you will catch them..but I happen to enjoy those too..

    As for the question about the fishing in the LMR...Moderately OK to horrible in my opinion is a terrible description of the fishing in the river.... Maybe at times....but over the past couple years, the fishing has been great... it may get worse/it may get better???and with the river being low all spring I would predict that the following years will be pretty good since the fish had excellent spawning conditions.. This year has been a little slow...but i have still landed some dandies.. The type of baits used in this river heavily dictate your success....and will be the difference between a couple little ones and great numbers with some big fish.

    Good luck out there
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    Of course catching the big ones is fun, but I love it any time I get any fish. Why is it bad if fish being caught aren't giants? I just love beeing out there and enjoying the water and catching whatever I catch. Just my humble opinion.
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    Thank you to all who responded. I'm looking forward to trying it out and I know I'll enjoy it regardless of the number of fish caught.
  10. I feel that telling someone that hasn't fished a certain river before that it's an Excellent smallmouth river when it isn't, gives them the wrong idea. They're not comparing it to the local opportunities. One of the cool things about the LMR is that you never know what you're going to catch. There's so many different species available.
    Maybe you didn't read the end of my post when I said I can guarantee you'll have fun regardless. The LMR is a beautiful Ohio waterway.
    And, I'm totally confident in my fishing abilities to comment on the labeling of a river.
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    I think the LMR is a great fisheries. But to the point and simply put as 1bad stated it is a hit or miss fishery, If its on its can be excellent but when its not it can suck, So if you average the two togethr you come up with a good river overall. Time is well spent on the river as it is anywhere, not rocket science, With time you learn forage base, flies or lures that produce and how to approach the river. If its your 1st just pull off at one the access points and fish, pay attention to the water the holes that hold fish are pretty obvious for the most part. There are great looking spots at these access point however they beat on everyday. Study the water there and then float are start looking for these spots in lessor fished areas. Floating is imo the best approach but walk and wade areas produce well also. When you get fish pay attention to the water, time of day, sunlight, temps both water and air, and you begin find fishing to be pretty darn good. It not the river that on you first day out you will likly walk down to the water and catch 50 fish right off the bat. Good Luck. S
  12. Thanks sevenx, you say it much better than I.