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LMR Question?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Kisto, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. I have been fishing the creeks a lot lately (4 Mile, Seven Mile, and Indian Creek) If you've noticed from my posts I have been doin EXTREMELY good there but still haven't hit a smallie at 20 inches yet... I wanna get one this summer so I am askin if I should hit up the LMR to find one... I have never fished it so I have no clue where to go there for them... I know Indian creek has some cause my buddy landed a 22" one last week when i was with him and hooked one that I promise was at least 25" (Biggest smallmouth I have ever seen jump out of the water) Anyways Do you think I should just stick to what I know for the summer and find one there or try the LMR? If you know a spot I'm sure you won't throw it up on here but if you can just give me a direction and where to start walkin I am confident enough with myself to try to find one lol.... Any help is good just message me...
  2. i personally love the lmr but it is highly overated for smallies over 20in, if you know what you are doing you could land multiple fish over 20in in a year, either that or hit it every day for smallies. many of the smaller creeks are better shots at big fish, not heavy fish but fish over 20in. there are two river/streams that are particulaly good. the lmr isnt your worst option but its deffinantly not the best

  3. Red The Fisherman

    Red The Fisherman River Rambler

    I would both stick to your home turf and try LMR. On my bands web page I have a link w/ a map of access for the LMR.
    Sounds like you know how to read the river, this will help w/ locations!
  4. The LMR is not the best place for long, skinny 20+ inch smallmouth in ohio, if you want those, stick to your smaller creeks and you will have better luck. The little miami holds a lot of fish, and many up to 17 inches, but it just gets too much pressure in most areas to sustain good populations of monsters. If you really want a trophy for both length and weight, go to Erie, you will be lucky to find smallmouth over 4 lbs. in rivers and streams even though some may be over 20 inches, they are almost always skinny.
  5. Just hit the GMR. There are a ton of big smallies. Just work on finding productive spots. In the summer bigger fish are hard to find. If you can find some good holes in the summer, come back there in early may thru early june. You will find big fat healthy spawners. I had a great year fishing around the spawn. I caught at least ten fish over three this spring. I dont keep count, I fish too much to worry about counting. At times it seemed like the GMR turned into the Detroit River. If anyone has fished Detroit they will know, that is quite a compliment. The GMR has a great number of big smallmouth. I think that is anyones best bet for a big Ohio Smallie. Of course CC and Alum have big smallies but good luck catching them regularly. I caught a Smallie at a CC tourney this year that was 3.1 pounds. Nice fish but few and far between. Example, I made my Detroit River partner come to the GMR for a lunch break about three weeks ago now. In a half hour I caught one at four pounds, lost one that jumped off that was bigger, I missed that same fish four times this year. These fish get crazy when they are hooked. He caught one over three. We caught 5 more fish biggest about two pounds and smallest about ten inches. That one smallie is about five pounds from the looks of it. She hit me four times off of that bed. The bed was under a big log, every time she picked it up, she would jump on the other side of the cover, wrap me up and shake free. Every day for four days in a row. The GMR impressed me this year. This is coming from a St. Clair/Detroit River/Lake Erie smallie angler. I am not saying you can catch twenty pound sacks, but you can find 3-5 pound fish in the GMR. As far as skinny, these fish are not skinny in the GMR. They have alot of forage. Although that makes the fishing a little tougher. If you match what they are eating you will have a great day. My biggest five in one afternoon this year were probably between 13-15 pounds. Good Luck, if you work hard enough they will come.