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LMR - Never leave your rod unattended, even with rotten bait

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dvsm0479, May 23, 2007.

  1. Skipped night class to hit the river near milford, and grabbed some leftover nightcrawlers from the fridge. I got to the river and found out that they were all dead. I figure what the hell, why not toss a line out and see.

    I decided they were so rotten I probably wouldn't even get a hit, so I start flipping around trying to pick up panfish with my other rod. I'm about 35 yards from my rod with the rotten crawlers on it, when I see it get hit hard, and subsequently fly into the river. Fortunately it gets caught on a rock and I sprint out across the shoal it was on, and real in a about a 3 pound true striper.

    I ended up catching a white bass and a 5 pound channel. I found it interesting that I caught the white bass on a crawler too, but when i was flipping around with a small white grub I didn't get any hits.
  2. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    My most hair-tearing thing--seeing the rod and reel going into the water, flying like it has a shark on the other end. I lose at least one a year (I usually fish from the bank), you'd think I'd LEARN. I've never recovered one after it slid're fortunate! I actually pulled one up on my line I had lost months before--this was hilarious. The rod and reel was fine, the line was broken off but I let the rig dry out and I used it for YEARS after that. Because of this, I rarely buy expensive rigs...usually one of the grandsons will leave it and it will slide (or fly!) into the water...P.S. Don't think you've always missed a monster--my friend's rig went tearing into the water and the fool jumped in after it and swam till he got it. It had a bluegill on it! :p

  3. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Nice bonus. I have been hearing the ocasional report of true stripers being caught. I am seeing some things improving as far as habitat and forage base. I am seeing at least 2 to 3 snake per trip either fishing or just down checking the river on my way in to work. Frogs seem more abundant that years past and saw a large may fly hatch last monday, Light cahill or white miller but did not get good look. A bunch of smaller bugs like 16 to 18 and some massive 10 or 12. The river was running low and really muddy considering. visibility was only a foot at best. I am not sure why that is unless there has been rain up north or there is some sort of consruction further up that is effecting it. Anybody else think there are more bait fish and snakes, turtles, frogs, and bugs around? I have not had the oppertunity to fish much but ck the river just about every morning. It seems to me that it may be rebounding a bit but that might be premature and wishfull thinking on my part........S
  4. I saw (2) snakes when I was out on Sunday.

  5. nice job on the striper, i havn't met many other people who have caught them out of there, did you release it??
    sevenx i saw that may fly hatch last week along with a bunch of caddis and even saw a stonefly land on my friend, the river is rebounding biggtime, do you ever throw dries during those hatches, you catch some intresting stuff. im gonna have to hit the river with the long rod again this weekend
  6. Well I haven't fished this part of the river for long, so I couldn't say whether it's any different. I used to fish up near ceaser's creek down to the powder factory at Kings Mills quite a bit a few years ago though. I did think the river looked a little murky for being so low.

    That's interesting that there are hatches on the river, I hadn't really ever seen any before. I did see one on the Ohio downtown a week or two ago. Lots of bait around, but couldn't pick up anything big. What do you run into during these hatches? I'm guessing all kinds of fish.

    As far as releasing the fish, I didn't realize it was a striper until I got home, which is weird because I catch a lot of hybrids and stripers down in Alabama every year, so I'm used to telling the two apart. Even down there we usually only keep the hybrids, and always let the big fish go. They don't freeze well anyway.

    I must have been too excited about recovering my rod to notice...
  7. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    I have been tying up some dries to match the hatch and I am going to try to get out early am if I can. I have an idea that it may be bait fish eating the flies and Smallies or white/hybrids hitting the bait fish at the surface, very aggresive strikes. I will post tomorrow if I make it out, I hope the hatch is still on. Water appears to be clearing abit but thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. S
  8. usually they dont care about matching the dries very much, bring some size 8-10 mayflies and some 12-14 caddis and just go according to size thats what they really care about, this time of year you can get alot of mooneye on the dries, i often see bigger strikes on the surface that look to be predators but catching them on any tackle is a whole nother deal, but sometimes it can be done
    are you going out sat a.m.?
    as for keeping it, it was only one so its not that bad, but there really arn't that many hybrids/stripers in that river, most fish get caught multiple times, if you keep any try and take them from the ohio, sauger taste better too. i got worked up the other week when they stoped biting for no apparent reason at one hole only to find out the day before a couple a fools had walked out with a pair of stringers reportedly draggin the ground, atleast i figured out where they went
  9. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    RK I will be out friday AM if I can, but Saturday is also a possiblity....S
  10. There have been heavy hatches of light Cahills or white millers for a long time. I was catfishing one evening up above ft Ancient and the hatch was so heavy it was like being in a blizzard. the inside of my coleman lantern had a 1/4 in of dead mayflies in it and when I got home they were in my shirt, shorts, shoes. Another evening my dad and I were fly fishing for bass down near Miamiville when just at dusk we encountered a blizzard hatch of mayflies. I think everything on the river was rising to them that evening and all we had with us were wolly buggers :eek:

    About 6 years ago my daughter did her science fair project on the water quality of the LMR. We made a siene then took samples of the aquatic life at various spots from Waynesville down to Branch Hill. All along the river we caught stonefly,mayfly and caddis fly nymphs. If you turn rocks over you will see the mayfly nymphs scurry and you will see the caddis cases attached. Bottom line was that based on the invertebrete life she found the consensus was that the water quality was in fairly decent shape. Two years after that she did a follow up study and did a chemical analysis of the water. The results there were a little different. High levels of fecal choloform(sp) in many areas as well as high nitrogen levels. None point source pollution from poorly treated sewage and run off were suspected culprits. So....While the river appears healthy, it isn't neccessarily safe, for us or the critters.
  11. This reminds me of a Ohio River trip when I was younger. I was cat fishing at Hogan's creek in Lawerencburg IN. at night in August. A friend of mine and myself were on the floating dock and had our deadlines out using cut bluegills heads. The action was steady (4-6lbers) and we were listening to the Reds play the Braves (Maddux was pitching; he was sick(flu) and we were hitting them hard). There was a lull in the action and we were talking and like a flash of lightning the Rod shoots off of the dock and I had to hold my friend back from going in(never know what's in the water just off those floating docks; broken glass, etc.). After that we tied our rod at the reel seats and continued fishing. About 5 min. later.......boom..........the rod took of again, but this time the rope stopped it and the drag sang. We struggled and gathered the rod back and after an 45 min. struggle we caught a 50Lb. cat(flat). What a trip! Still my biggest fish.
  12. we should have a category called The Lost Rods... LOL... when i was younger i was fishing with a buddy at a small pond in spring valley at the trailer park there, pretty decent cats, really nice bass, and monster carp, well one morning we set up shop and was using corn and homemade dough ball, well i turned my back for 1 second and as soon as i turned back all i seen was my rod and reel flying through the air and plunging into the pond, well after about 30-45 minutes of dragging trebble hooks trying to snag it my buddy snagged it and got it in and low and behold the carp was still hooked took us 25 minutes to get it in probally was close to 3 foot long we never weighed it. but taught me the lesson my dad always reminded of push ur button push ur button lmfao lol
  13. Couple of years ago, fishing with a friend at Brookville, had one shoot out of the boat like a bottle rocket. Happend so fast, I couldn't even react. After a few choice words, we sat there and laughed our asses off. What else can you do? At least it was a cheap rig. Bought a baitrunner type spinning reel to hopefully prevent future rod launchings:D
  14. If you ever find a wally marshall with a shimano in the LM, enjoy it. A buddy and I were trying to turn each other's canoe over a few years back and I didn't notice my rod was gone until 1/2 mile down stream. I used it 1 time.

    I did get another just like I don't cry too much, just a sniffle every now and then.

    Good luck and glad you didn't lose yours
  15. 3 weeks ago i lost a pole to old man river. bank fishing at moscow. nothing interrested in shad heads, had nightcrawler out on bottom get litle hit. i,m thinking small perch or channel. the seconed hit the pole takes off lie a missel . find miself standing in 4 ft of water watching my pole still going.