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Got setup. Caught 12 fish...Nightcrawlers..

1 Common carp (1 lb)

1 channel (5 lb). Actually, the guy next to me caught it but broke off. I caught his line on my line...and hand-pulled it in.

1 buffalo carp (5 lb). Fun.

9 drum of various small sizes.

Put 'em all back but the cat. Gave that to the guy who "really" caught it.

8am is too late. Daybreak should rock. Skeeters are out already. No ticks this trip. Saw kingfishers, turkeys, some wierd looking red-headed duck that was 2/3 size of a goose with black/grey/green body, geese, deer and many other ducks. Bass were busting bait all morning...or at least I thought they were bass. Never really saw one and couldn't get one to hit a jig and curlytail....go figure...where's a rattletrap or rapala when you need [email protected]#$&

Water was almost back in the summer channel..up about 2 feet. nice color..visibility about 24"....COLD...didn't have my thermometer, but...the catfish are biting....;) It was good to hear the reels sing again. I missed it.

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