LMR last night

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  1. I finally made it out to the LMR at dusk to fish and hooked into a small Stripper and one Alligator Gar in the matter of an hour. I was not sure but I seem to remember that some people said those Gar's should be killed when caught due to the havoc they wreak on the fish population. I don’t like killing any fish so I threw it back.

    Quick question, when fishing for smallies what size hook do you recommend when fishing plastics (worms, tubes, etc.)? I typically use a 2.0 for large mouth but figure that’s too big for small mouths.
  2. I use whatever hook fits the bait I am throwing. Smaller baits I use 1/0 up to 3/0 for big baits and bigger fish. Just enough hook to keep the plastic from balling up in the bend and preventing good penetration. If I Texas Rig a tube usually I will go up to a 3/0. I have caught Bluegill on wide gap hooks. Of course it is uncommon but it is amazing what fish can get in there mouths. On Erie I will use these tiny little mosquito hooks on a drop shot and they work great. Mainly match your hook to the bait and presentation. If you keep getting bit and missing, downsize your entire presentation, or make sure you let'em eat it. Smallies will hold onto the bait for a few seconds or more. Let'em get it in their mouth good or you will pull it away from them. If you continue to miss or they peck,peck,peck and drop it, its likely either a rock bass or bluegill.

  3. for smallmouth sized tubes use the smaller hooks, i like 2/0-3/0, and keep the weight light. my personal favorite way to weight them is with the internal tube weights.
    the gar(my nerd is showing) are longnose gar, there are no alligator gar around here. lots of fun to catch, and native, please donnot kill the gar they do no damage whatsoever to other fish populations, neither do drum(sheapshead) please ask others to release these fish as well, there is no reason to kill them.
    back to the fishing, did you get the white bass on a tube? and did you try throwing anything minnowish?
  4. I was throwing a smaller Rebel Craw into the rapids. Thanks for the clarification on the Gar and it makes me feel better about throwing it back.
  5. I agree w/RiverKing, the gar and drum do no damage, and are part of the whole picture of the river system.
    I saw a guy on Lake Erie fishing for perch take sheepshead and slam them on his lower swimming deck as he cussed and cursed the sheepshead, like it had purposely done him wrong. ??? :confused: ??? I could never figure that out, they are just fish, doing what we want fish to do, which is bite our bait!